Application to the Stock Signals’ Affiliate Incentive Program

Would you like to earn a 10% affiliate income for the initial subscription and a recurring 10% passive income each time your referral renews his or her subscription?

Do you have a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely marketing idea to get the word out about my Stock Signals services?

If you’ve answered a “yes” to both questions above, I am personally inviting you to work and earn with me through the Stock Signals’ Affiliate Incentive Program. I will reward your efforts for helping me help people to have a data-driven, organized, disciplined, and profitable experience when trading and investing in the Philippine stock market.

Welcome to the Stock Signals’ Affiliate Incentive Program!

If you have a brilliant idea on how to market the Stock Signals, please fill-out the form below. Be very detailed. What I will be receiving from you will be my only basis on whether I will approve your application or not. All applications are subject for approval.

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