Guest Posting Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

  • Your topic should be about business, personal finance, internet marketing and technology. Inspirational articles are welcome, too.
  • You must have a good track record in blogging.
  • Your guest post must have a minimum of 1,000 words. There’s no maximum word count. No fluff, please.
  • Your post must be Copyscape-passed. In short, no plagiarism.
  • Your guest post must be informative and unique. By “unique”, I am referring to a topic that is not repeatedly beaten to death by freelance writers such as “Is SEO Dead?” By “informative”, I am referring to an article that gives an added-value to my readers. Write something new.
  • I like concise content! Use bullet points whenever possible. Make your points easy to chew.
  • Be engaging. Write in an upbeat, happy, intriguing, and comment-inviting manner.
  • Your guest post must have a minimum of 2 links. I reserve the right to remove some or all links on the body of your guest post, especially if they’re linking to spammy, suspicious, or competitors’ websites.
  • Keep your author’s biography under 40 words. Your author’s biography can have 1 to 2 links, which could be your own website or a social media account.
  • Your guest post must be free from grammar errors, punctuation issues, sentence construction and flow issues, and plagiarism hits. Proofread.
  • Once I approved your guest post, the ownership and all intellectual property rights belong to me. You are not allowed to republish your guest post somewhere else without my permission. It’s fine if you’d like to link to your guest post to your own website. The reason for this transfer of full ownership is that I’d like to kill the likelihood of getting your approved guest post recycled several times and submitted to various article directories or sites that also accept guest posts. I only want authoritative content on my website and not just $5.00-worth of regurgitated articles.


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How and Where to Send Your Guest Post?

Email your guest post entry through the Contact page. Use the subject line “Guest Post”. The review and approval procedure may take 1 to 3 days.