Who is Jaycee De Guzman?

Jaycee De GuzmanI am Jaycee De Guzman. I am an IT expert by profession with a degree in Computer Science. The schools where I came from recognized my academic excellence, leadership skills, and contributions in the literary industry. I specialize in applications programming, systems development, and computer and internet security.

Aside from my specialties in the IT sector, I am also a self-taught online business strategist and an equity analyst. You’ll see more of my being a self-starter as you continue reading.

I taught IT subjects to high school and college students immediately after graduation for two years. My high school and college alma matters took my services.

I also worked in multinational BPO companies for five years. I worked my way up from being a rank-and-file customer support representative to being a Technical Team Manager. I was promoted four times in a single year with zero percent luck but 100 percent intelligence, talent, hard work, and grit.

Before all these professional careers, I have been already a freelance writer since college.

After seven years of working for someone else’s company, I realized I should be spending 100 percent of my extraordinary self-sufficiency, passion, enthusiasm, intellect, and energy in my own business.

I switched career from being an employee to an entrepreneur in 2012. It is my desire to build a work-from-home business and a home-based income opportunity for the purpose-driven, honest, committed, passionate, and talented Filipinos.

On that same year, I decided to build my own digital marketing business. I founded iPresence Business Solutions as a provider of digital marketing services such as content writing, administrative assistance, technical support, search engine optimization, and social media marketing services among others.

I have already helped thousands of start-up and well-established business people from 100+ countries around the world jumpstart their online business and skyrocket their online sales.

In 2014, I founded a financial consultancy firm named Stock Signals Philippines to help Filipinos learn how to trade and invest in the Philippine stock market independently and profitably. Learning how to be data-driven and self-sufficient is the backbone of this service.

I want my clients to be like me who can do and learn anything and everything for as long as I have a laptop with an internet connection. I have been creating financial products that can help me help you reach my goal for you. I have professionally helped hundreds of premium clients and thousands of social media followers and email subscribers.

At the moment, I am working on a tech startup firm that I want to launch before the end of 2017. I would like to dedicate the first leg of this tech startup firm to helping IT college students not just to pass their thesis but also to bag the Best in Thesis Award.

Just as how my financial firm is marked by my signature of self-sufficiency, encouraging and mentoring IT students on how to design and develop their prototypes into a working solution on their own is my topmost interest.

I do not need an MA, a PhD, or any acronym after my last name for me to succeed in business. I only need a computer with an internet connection. I am a self-starter. I am proactive in searching on the internet if there’s anything I want to learn.

I have many mottos in life but my favorite one is this: “I got to succeed whether I like it or not.” I have failed too many times in life for me not to know how to succeed with grace.

I see myself as my competitor. I have never outrun myself in any game. I mean that literally and figuratively. Why should I look for an external competitor in business or anything if I already find it so challenging and exciting to beat my own self?