Who can take advantage of the traffic on my website?

  • real-estate brokers
  • insurance agents
  • mutual fund agents
  • owners of trading platforms (stock market/forex)
  • internet marketers
  • event coordinators (seminars)

Advertise on my website. What’s in it for you?

1. Your banner will appear in front of 150,000 to 180,000 people who visit my website every single month.
Monthly Site Stats2. I talk about the stock market, business, personal finance, internet marketing, health, and inspirational thoughts and stories. Get targeted leads when you advertise on my website.

3. More than 60% of my web traffic comes from the Philippines. If the Philippines is your target market, posting your ads on my website is a smart marketing strategy.Per Country

4. Every month, my web traffic is increasing. In two to three months, my forecast is that traffic will skyrocket from 180,000 to 250,000 sessions per month. As my web traffic increases, the advertising fee follows. Why not book yourself with a 6 to 12 -month advertising contract while the advertising fee is low?

3 Advertisement Options

1. Leaderboard Ad (728 x 90 px)

Advertising Fee: $999.00 USD

 2. Right Sidebar Ad (300 x 250 px)

Advertising Fee: $699.00 USD

3. Sponsored Blog Posts

Would you like to submit an article that promotes your product or service on my website?
I’ll publish your press release or article on my website. The post will stay for good. There’s no monthly fee. Please refer to Guest Post Submission Guidelines.
Advertising Fee: $100.00 USD per post.

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