4 Smart Tips To Save Money for Holiday Getaways

4 Smart Tips To Save Money for Holiday Getaways

The holiday season is fast approaching and so are holiday breaks. You might be thinking of spending your New Year’s Eve at Hong Kong Disneyland to witness their magnificent fireworks display. Spending the Christmas Eve on the shores of El Nido could also be on your mind right now. On the other hand, putting these thoughts into reality can cost you a huge portion of the salary that you have earned during the past few months, especially if you don’t know how to be a smart traveler. But I got you on this one. So, to help you save money and still get the chance to enjoy the holidays without having to hurt your pockets that much, here are four smart tips that you can use.

Do it yourself.

Have you ever been attracted by those travel packages promoted by various agencies on Facebook? They, indeed, look very cheap, making them very irresistible, especially when you just got your salary and you have so much money to spend. While these travel packages already look very cheap, it would make you save bigger amounts of money if you choose to do everything by yourself – from booking your flights and hotel reservations to taking the tour by yourself. While hiring a travel agent can help you save effort, know that many agencies live through commissions. Therefore, doing it yourself can help you save a lot of money.

Read online reviews.

Before you get on that plane and enjoy the destination you have chosen, make sure that you have read online reviews about the hotels, flights, and places-to-visit that you are supposed to go to. Find out the expenses that you might face – from the entrance fees, environmental fees, the price range of the dishes offered by a restaurant you are eyeing on, to the price of souvenirs that you wish to bring home – you should write down and include all of these on your budget. As you read online reviews, find out how you can save money and learn how much you’re only supposed to spend, so you can outsmart those who are planning to take advantage of your lack of knowledge as you travel. On the other hand, you should also be sure that the articles you are reading are updated, so you won’t get surprised with price changes.

Place in your flight and hotel bookings early.

It might seem too late for you now if you are planning to travel during the holiday season. However, booking hotel reservations and flights right now can still be cheaper if you are going to buy your plane tickets minutes before you fly. That is why it would be smarter if you book your flights now before the rates of plane tickets go up. You wouldn’t want to spend 5 digits for a round-trip ticket just for a domestic flight, right? So, make sure that you start looking for flights and hotel rooms now, before the prices go high, along with the rise of the demand for these.

Be a hobo if you can.

Finally, if you really want to save money while you travel, don’t be too picky when it comes to choosing your hotel rooms, meals, and tours. You don’t have to stay in a five-star hotel equipped with a hot tub if you are planning on exploring the wonders of Cagayan de Oro or Albay. You will only stay in your hotel room to rest after a long and tiring tour. So, if you can, choose to be a hobo and go for cheap hotel accommodations, without having to sacrifice your safety.

As you read reviews and travel blog posts about your chosen destinations, there will be writers and bloggers who will definitely share to you their experiences about their travel escapades. Allow their experiences to be a lesson to you and find out what the cheapest ways are to enjoy your holiday getaway for this year.

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