4 Tips on How to Stick With Your Predetermined Christmas Budget


It’s the first day of December 2015! Woohoo! Twenty-four days to go before Christmas! The Christmas’ spirit is here, so is the long list of expenses that you need to remind yourself of for you to be able to make the most out of this occasion that only comes once a year. Admit it or not, one of the biggest challenges that we face every year whenever Christmas comes is sticking to your pre-determined Christmas budget. With the countless promos and the tempting discounts that you can get everywhere and anywhere, it would certainly be difficult for you to resist to overspend and to deviate from the budget that you have set. But to help you with this, here are four tips that can help you go against temptations.

Review your budget.

Review the Christmas budget that you have set. See the breakdown of your expenses and see if you have missed anything. Once you have settled your budget and you’re already sure that you’re able to include everything you need – from the gifts you’ll give to the food you’ll serve on Christmas Eve. Take a close look at your budget before you go out for Christmas shopping.

See if you can minimize your expenses on food.

A huge percentage of your Christmas budget will surely go to your expenses on food, especially if you have a big family or group of friends to celebrate it with. That is why it would be smart if you can come up with ways on how you can lessen your personal expenses. If you’re inviting over some of your relatives or friends who are living in different houses, ask them to bring some food for the group. Also, be practical when going grocery shopping for Christmas. If you only need one gallon of cooking oil, don’t spend your money on a package of three gallons of cooking oil, just because its label says that it’s discounted. Again, folks, buy something not because it’s on sale but because it’s a need.

Use your credit card, but pay on or before the due date. If you can’t do that, don’t use credit cards.

Once the Christmas season arrives, you will find discounts, promos, and sales being offered everywhere. If you lack the discipline to pay your credit card bills on or before the due date, it’s not a smart choice if you would bring your credit card with you while you go on Christmas shopping. If you are still in the process of disciplining yourself in credit card usage and if you wish to stick with your Christmas budget, keep your credit card and pay only with cash, unless you want to have huge regrets after you see how much you’ve spent during the holiday season just because everything was only a swipe away when you went shopping.

Be practical in giving gifts.

Finally, as much as you can, don’t act as if you’re Santa Claus when giving Christmas gifts to your friends and relatives. Be practical in buying gifts and don’t spend too much, just because you don’t want to be labeled as “kuripot.” A great alternative is for you to choose to create DIY (do-it-yourself) gifts for everybody. Also, if you really want to save money on your Christmas budget, you can always give simple yet personalized gifts, which will surely be much appreciated by those who will receive them.

It’s not that easy to stick with your Christmas budget, especially if you wish to make every relative or friend you have happy on that day. Things can become even more difficult if you’re faced with countless discounts and promos everywhere you go. But by applying the simple yet wise tips mentioned above, you will find it a bit easier to resist and say “no” to all the temptations of overspending.

Jaycee De Guzman

I am the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. At iPresence, we have been helping SMEs reach and dominate the global market through our digital marketing services since 2001. At Equilyst, we have been helping Filipinos experience a simplified and profitable stock trading and investing experience in the Philippine Stock Market since 2014.
Jaycee De Guzman

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