4 Tips to Avoid the Headaches Noche Buena Shopping Can Bring You

4 Tips to Avoid the Headaches Noche Buena Shopping Can Bring You

We are only a few weeks away from Christmas day and according to reports from Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association, the prices of items for typical Pinoy noche buena might begin to increase anytime soon. Of course, due to the increased demand for such, this has already been anticipated by many consumers. However, two things most of us will have a difficult time getting ready for are being able to budget the amount we have allotted for this most-awaited day of the year and escaping the hassles of going shopping among huge crowds of consumers like you. So, to help you avoid the headaches that noche buena shopping can probably bring you this year, here are a few tips that you can use.

Go shopping earlier.

Starting this week, you should already go shopping. Prices of noche buena items are expected to go up in the first week of December. There have already been reports of a certain brand of Christmas ham’s price that has increased by five percent. Who knows? That brand could be your favorite. If you don’t want to get even more problematic with price hikes, go out this week and begin shopping for the noche buena items that you think you’ll need to be able to serve your favorite Christmas Eve dishes. Also, going shopping for the holiday season earlier can make you avoid the long lines.

Be mindful of expiration dates.

Going Christmas shopping early, indeed, is a must. However, you should also be mindful of the expiration dates of the food products you are going to buy. Take a close look at the labels. Make sure that they are not going to expire anytime soon, especially not before Christmas Eve comes. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting money, instead of being able to save.

Go shopping for supplies, little by little.

Another good tip for you is to go shopping for supplies, little by little or by tingi. By doing so, you would no longer have to feel the one time-big time burden of having to pay for all the noche buena food items that you need to purchase. Everything will seem lighter for your pockets, and who knows how much you’ll be able to save if you choose to resist those noche buena packages? Most of the time, those packages just appear budget-friendly, when in fact, they contain items that you will not really need for your Christmas dishes. So, be practical and think a lot of times before you give in to the packages you see being offered in grocery stores.

Know that cheaper brands are not always worse than the more expensive ones.

Finally, keep in mind that cheaper brands of food products are not always worse than the expensive ones. Sometimes, they are even better-tasting and fresher compared to those offered by the more popular and more expensive brands. Do not always look at the brand of the food items you’re buying. Try asking your friends, as well, and find out if they can recommend cheaper brands to you.

Going noche buena shopping can really be a big deal, especially if you have looked forward to that most-awaited day of the year with your family. It is something that you need to be financially-ready for. So, if you wish to have the perfect noche buena shopping experience this year and you wish to escape from all the hassles and money shortage problems, especially during the weeks to come, never think twice about considering the tips above.

Jaycee De Guzman

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