5 Business Ideas for Filipinos to Venture in 2016

5 Business Ideas for Filipinos to Venture in 2016

It has been a trend for many Filipinos today to venture into businesses, no matter how small. It has been a hit in the Philippines, and even in the rest of the world how people, as young as teenagers, to get into the business world. I am still on vacation, but I need to “feed” my fingers by writing. Now you see how writing has become a part of my daily routine. But I don’t want to kill the thrill of my vacation so I just decided to ask one of my employees to tell me what could possibly be the trending business ideas for 2016. Well, at least in her mind. Talk about the pressure of an impromptu question, especially when the boss asks in an urgent tone. So, please don’t take these impromptu ideas without doing due diligence.

Online Business Shop

Today’s generation has obviously enjoyed the benefits of technology already. Many people today have already learned how to sell their products online. Even selling items to social media like Facebook or Instagram has been one of the trending business ideas today. Seeing how people nowadays are so locked into their smartphones and laptops already, it is so easy to earn money without spending rent on a certain store and choosing the right location. With the internet, you can have shoppers from all over the country already. This is what I’ve been doing since 2001.

Rendering Services With Your Talents

One example of this kind of business is web-designing. Many people are now in need of creating their own websites for reasons of their own. Offering services in designing a website and being paid for it can be an easy job for someone who has the passion and skill for it already. Other options may be t-shirt design printing, online writing and many more. Talent-based services are great business ideas, especially for those with a low budget.

Baking Cakes and Cupcakes

This is one of the many business ideas that can be specific to those people who are very fond of baking. One may not have to be a trained chef to do this, but only has to have the passion and talent in baking to pull this off. This can also just be a part-time job, as well, especially when you start small first like selling a few cupcakes to friends until the word spreads around. One can post their products on social media and of course, a good word of mouth can go a long way to grow this kind of business.

Coming Up With a Sari-sari Store at Home

Trying to come up with a sari-sari store may need a larger capital than the others listed above. However, this can be done just in the comfort of ones’ home. The owner could have a day job and simply have someone to be the store’s overseer and sell the items in it. As long as the person knows the target audience of her store, this can easily grow. Other big supermarkets nowadays  started in a small sari-sari store at some point. Study your supply and demand rate.

Selling Jewelries and Other Accessories

Home-made jewelries are a great catch nowadays. Many buyers out there still prefer to buy these products other than buying those expensive ones at the mall, especially when they are on a tight budget. They also say a lot about the characters of Filipinos about making something straight from the heart.

Businesses always start small at some point, as people always say one has to walk before he can learn how to run. These business ideas could greatly help many people out there who are trying to gain extra income, as well.

In your opinion, what do you think would be the top 3 trending business ideas for 2016?

Jaycee De Guzman

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