5 Ways That Can Help You Free Your Family From Your Debts

5 Ways That Can Help You Free Your Family From Your Debts

Are you trying to get rid of the debts your family has? Are you having a difficult time increasing your savings because you have to consider paying your debtors? Do you wish to give your family an unforgettable getaway, but you just find it hard to earn an amount of money that can get you all through it? Having a huge amount of debt in the family can really hinder you from enjoying life to the fullest. But if you are really determined to get your family out of the pit of debt, here are five ways that can free you.

Negotiate with the debtors.

Well, you need to have a lot of self-confidence to pull this off. The first step that you can take to help your family be free from all your debts is to negotiate with your debtors. You might appear desperate when taking this step, but having huge amounts of debt for a long period of time can be worse. So, talk to your debtors and see if they can, at least, decrease your interest rate or if you two can agree to come up with a new and a more convenient way for you to pay all the money you owe them. If they agree on doing so, then take advantage of the new conditions and see if you can now allot a bigger percentage of your income to your savings.

Temporarily choose to pay over save.

Another choice that you might want to consider is to choose to pay all your debts first before you start saving. As a matter of fact, I would recommend that you settle all your bad debts before you invest in the stock market or in any investment vehicle. The examples of bad debts are credit card debts. Yes, indeed, it can be very frustrating at first, but be reminded of the freedom that will be easier for you to achieve once you temporarily prioritize getting rid of the huge amount of debt that you have over having savings. This might appear as an impractical move, especially if you think that you need to save money for emergency purposes. But if you’re already desperate and you wish to gain financial freedom right away, so you can concentrate on saving money, this can be worth a try.

Sell some of your properties.

You might have thought of this before. Every person who has huge debts might have thought of doing this before. If there are things in your house that you think are not longer useful to you, such as appliances, gadgets and various kinds of furniture, you can always choose to sell them, so you can have more money to pay the debts your family has. Do not worry about having to let go of your properties. Once you have freed yourself from all the debt you have, you can always find a way to gain back everything that you have lost.

Be thrifty.

Of course, this last tip will never fail you. Being thrifty will always help you be free from your debts quicker and easier. It is really difficult to live spending a smaller amount of money when you’re used to living life having all the money you need to buy everything you wish to gain. However, if you really want to help your household get out of the pit of debt, talking to every member of the family about your current financial condition and encouraging them to cut their expenses temporarily can definitely help. Discuss with them that you have to change your priorities when it comes to your finances and make them understand how being thrifty at the moment can benefit you in the future. I’d like to clarify that being thrifty is not synonymous to being stingy. Being thrifty is being reasonable in your expenditures.

Indeed, it is not that easy to be consumed by family debts. You will be forced to sacrifice so many things just to be able to get through all the financial challenges you are experiencing. But with the tips suggested above, you may now have an idea on how to get started in gaining back your way to a debt-free life.


Pray. It works. Even before everything is said and done, pray is and will always be your silver bullet in life. Pray to God that He helps you come out not only debt-free but debt-proof also.

Psalm 37:21: The wicked borrow and do not repay.

Have you tried other methods that led you to be debt-free? Come on and share your thoughts with me and my readers by commenting below.

Jaycee De Guzman

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