How I Manage Multimillion Companies Without Seeing Clients Face-to-Face

How I Manage Multimillion Companies Without Seeing Clients Face-to-Face

I was once asked when I was giving a seminar, “Jaycee, how do you manage to build multi-million companies without meeting your clients face to face and by sealing all of your deals online either thru your website, email, or social media only?”

I wasn’t able to give my complete answer due to the shortage of time, but here’s the complete version.

1. One of my marching orders in business, which applies to me also, is the literal implementation of RAPID RESPONSE TIME. We reply to our customers in minutes upon receipt of their inquiries, whether thru email, text or social media, during business hours.

If it’s outside business hours, say at 3AM, I personally reply most of the time. Tonight, when you go home, visit the Testimonials page of all of my companies’ websites. Then, tally how many times you’ve read commendations about our rapid response time.

2. I know the pain points of my customers not because I read about them from books or the internet but because I experienced them first-hand.

Every single company I have is my solution to my personal struggles in digital marketing, finance, and technology. I created the solution initially for myself only. It just so happened that many people also need my solution that’s why I founded the companies I have today.

Haven’t you noticed that every time I speak on the stage, all of my examples are based on my personal experiences? I don’t even use someone else’s motivational quote because I find a personal experience more relatable and an ever-ready example. Besides, the risk of forgetting someone else’s quote is higher than forgetting the narrative of your own experience. A memorized someone else’s quote is saved in the brain. An experience is saved not only in the brain but it’s also engraved in the heart. That’s why I can give a talk for 8 hours or more even without a PowerPoint presentation.

3. I only keep super humans.

It’s natural for me to avoid crowded places and not to create a crowded team who directly reports to me. Therefore, I only pick people whom I consider as superstars based on my intellectual standards but with a heart that is more emphatic than mine. In short, I only pick leaders with the intellectual capacity that can complement mine and a heart that can fill to the brim my “empathy glass” that is half-full.

Nonetheless, I allow my core group members to set their own standards (more toned down and mellow than mine) in terms of hiring people to be under their leadership. It takes a lot of proving one’s self to be a part of my team.

I don’t regard these three items above as the top three reasons. These are only the first three that I came forth while I’m typing. I hope you’ll see at least one of these as something that you can implement in your business also.

Jaycee De Guzman

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