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We’re lucky that the internet has allowed us to trade in the stock market in our pajamas. We no longer need to visit the Philippine Stock Exchange’s office just to buy and sell stocks. Thanks to online stock brokers.

I understand that new stock investors need suggestions on which online stock broker they should choose. I do not make personal recommendations unless you’re one of my advertising sponsors on my website.

I decided to run a survey so that you can participate and vote your chosen online stock broker.

I want the results of the survey in this article to become a resource for would-be stock traders and investors before they open an account with their chosen online stock broker.

I want you to see which among these online stock brokers is the preferred broker of the people.

If you want to support your vote with a comment, you may do so by writing a comment below.

Who's the Best Online Stock Broker for You?

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If there’s an online stock broker that I missed in the poll, please comment below.

Jaycee De Guzman

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