Valentines Date Ideas: Make Them Smile Without Making Your Pocket Cry

Valentines Date Ideas: Make Them Smile Without Making Your Pocket Cry

Are you searching for cheap yet wonderful Valentines date ideas that you and your romantic partner can enjoy during this very special day? Are you in need of an idea for Valentine’s Day that is inexpensive yet enjoyable for you and your spouse?

Valentine’s Day is a day both young and old couples look forward to every single year. For some, it is that one day when they can openly show their affections towards each other without worrying that other people might see them as cheesy or corny. However, it can also be that day when you feel the pressure to prepare and save up money to be able to arrive at a huge celebration that you and your partner can enjoy and appreciate. So, if this is a problem that you face every year, here are a few tips.

Create DIY gifts.

If you don’t have cash, why don’t you sweep her off her feet with your effort? One of the best Valentines date ideas that you can do is to create DIY gifts, instead of paying for an expensive dinner at certain restaurants out there, that you can give to her when you see each other. Create an “Open When You’re ..” box that she can open at certain happenings in her life. Making your gift more personal is something that she can definitely appreciate. You may also choose to give her a box of random food items that she can consume, especially when she is stressed out. Put a letter along with it, so she’d feel more loved and valued.


  • “Open This When You Are [Mad at Me]”
  • “Open When You [Miss Me]”
  • “Open When You [Are About to Transform from Being the Ilaw ng Tahanan to Radio ng Tahanan]”

I’m just kidding with the third example, but feel free to do that if you’d like. Just don’t tag me along with that idea, pretty please. 🙂

Have it at home.

Among the cheapest yet most appreciated Valentines date ideas that you can use is to create a dinner date set up at home. Cook for your romantic partner. Go online and search for recipes that you think you two can enjoy or just cook some of the dishes that you both love. Your date does not have to be expensive. It only needs to be something that can show your efforts to your romantic partner. He or she will definitely love the thought that you remembered him or her and prepared something special for them during that day.

Search for low-cost yet enjoyable outdoor activities.

If you want to be more adventurous and you wish to do something that you two will surely remember, search for low-cost yet enjoyable outdoor activities. Visit eco-parks and see if they have Valentines date promos for you and your partner. There are many private recreational parks that can offer you outdoor activities such as wall climbing, rappelling, zipline rides and more at low and affordable prices. If you have run out of Valentines date ideas, this is something you should definitely consider. Not everything has to be sweet and chummy during Valentine’s Day. Go for something that can give you two a great time. Today, my wife and I will go to an eco-park about 20 kilometers away from our home. We’ll also go to a nearby church at the top of a mountain to pray.

You can never go wrong with long and sweet letters.

Finally, if you really cannot afford to spend anything on meals and simple outdoor dates, schedule a meet up with your romantic partner in a place that is both special to you and give him/her a long and sweet letter. Tell him/her how much you love, value and appreciate the things he/she does for you and your relationship. You can never go wrong with this idea. I’m always excited to open my wife’s love letter for me each time she hands me one. I think I’ll never outgrow that feeling.

There are countless Valentines date ideas that can certainly help you make the most out of that day with your romantic partner without having to hurt your pockets. All you need to do is to exert your effort and be creative, as none of your energy will get wasted, especially if you are going to offer it to the one you truly love and for the person who deserves it.

Jaycee De Guzman

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