What Do These 5 Filipino Billionaires Say About Investing

All of us aspire to become richer than what we currently are. We have these so-called “needs” and “wants” to be met. We believe that having more money is the answer. Becoming rich, of course, is not the only identifier of a person’s worth, but it feels good to have a surplus on your cash flow.

One way that an ordinary person can transition himself to a better financial life is through investing. However, investing is considered as a foreign word for Filipinos. A lot of us believe that investing is only for the rich. Others are afraid probably because they’ve heard horror stories of other investors who failed big time in the stock market. Investing shouldn’t be feared but rather be viewed as a wise financial decision you will do for yourself, for your family and for your future.

Let me introduce five Filipino billionaires who have proven that with the right attitude and discipline, success is possible. You know some, if not all, of them.

Henry Sy

Henry SyHe started with a small shoe shop in SM Quiapo. He is now one of the biggest names in Philippine’s business sector.

Henry Sy pioneered the establishment of SM Malls. He is known as Philippines’ Retail King. Listed by Forbes Magazine as the richest man in the country, his estimated net worth is $13.6 billion. His business interests transitioned from retail to banking, real estate, education, and healthcare.  He showed how important diversification in investment is.

Do not put all your money in just one investment vehicle. If you’re into long-term investing in the stock market, do not put all your money in one stock. The more diversified your portfolio is, the better. But that doesn’t mean buying anything. Buy stocks you know.

John Gokongwei

John GokongweiHe lost everything and had to start from scratch. He started selling different things in the market just to survive his and his family’s day-to-day needs. Today, he is known as the third richest man in the Philippines.

John Gokongwei is a household name when it comes to business with his net worth of $5 billion. He holds the biggest names when it comes to telecommunication, financial services, power generation, aviation and more. He had shown his entrepreneurial side at a young age. He has proven that to become successful in the investment world, one must do it as early as possible. The power of compounding will work to your advantage when you start to invest early.

Andrew Tan

Andrew TanHe spent his childhood at an apartment in Hong Kong which was shared with other families. Today, his humility and determination paid off. He is dubbed as the “Alcohol King” for dominating the liquor industry.

Andrew Tan has a net worth of $4.6 billion. He is the owner of Emperador (EMP), a local signature brandy. He also manages Generoso Brandy and Philippines’ McDonald’s franchises, among others. Two of his competitors in the local alcohol industry are giants Ginebra San Miguel and Lucio Tan’s Tanduay, but Andrew Tan still pushed his limits and silently maneuvered his business to success.

Andrew Tan’s story attests that one should have the patience when it comes to investing. You need to take it slowly but surely. Study first before investing into anything. It is also true that you will face competitors along the way especially if your mind is set for a business, but you have to find your winning edge over the others.

Manny Villar

Manny VillarWith his “sipag at tiyaga” motto in life, this man became part of the Philippines’ richest.

Manny Villar is a real estate mogul. He is one of the wealthiest lawmakers in the country with his real estate ventures worth of $1.1 billion. He proved that being born poor is not an excuse to be successful in life.

Villar’s biggest lesson is to invest in education. He believes that a good education can give a solid foundation to someone, and this will open opportunities for him to grow. With proper education, one can reduce the risk of making wrong business decisions and losing all investments.

The Ayala

Augusto Zobel de Ayala and Fernando Zobel de AyalaThis surname has been a signifier of success, wealth, and dominion. It is one of the most prominent names in the Philippine business.

The Ayala owns the country’s largest and biggest suppliers and companies in various industries today such as Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Globe Telecom (GLO), and Manila Water Company (MWC).

The Ayala Group of Companies is operated by brothers Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ayala Corporation (AC) and Fernando Zobel de Ayala as the Chairman of Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI). The triumph of the Ayala has proven that in investing, one can aim high.

It is important that you create short term and long term goals. It is also equally important that you think of your investments as something that will affect and change your life for the better. There are risks involved, but if you did your assignment, the higher the risk, the greater is the potential return.

So How Do These Billionaires Invest Their Money?

Learning the ways of our Filipino billionaires teaches us that becoming rich is a choice. Their success stories will make you realize how the struggle is part of life, and how disbelief became their motivation to strive harder. They have the financial discipline to know the difference between needs and wants.

Investing must go without saying. Make it a habit. Have the courage to put your ideas into action. Establish clear goals in your life so you can determine the right investment vehicle for you. Investing in the stock market is a good option. Diversify your investments and spread them around different fields and industries that you only know. The sooner you start investing, the better.

I want to tell you that it is never too late for you to align your life to financial freedom. These billionaires did it years ago when technology was not as advanced as it is today. Don’t you realize that you have the edge?

Jaycee De Guzman

I am the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. At iPresence, we have been helping SMEs reach and dominate the global market through our digital marketing services since 2001. At Equilyst, we have been helping Filipinos experience a simplified and profitable stock trading and investing experience in the Philippine Stock Market since 2014.
Jaycee De Guzman


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