AskJaycee 7 - Normal

AskJaycee # 7: Am I Normal?

Do you have the choleric or melancholic personality type? At some point, I know you asked yourself if you're normal. It takes one to know one. Accept that you're totally different from the sanguine and phlegmatic. Here's how I accepted my uniqueness and rarity.
Ask Jaycee - Excellence

#AskJaycee 1: Excellence

Our topic today is about excellence. Excellence is a personal disposition. Read this article to know what makes me thrive under pressure and how I attract like-minded people.
AskJaycee # 3: How Do I Convince Clients?

AskJaycee # 3: How Do I Convince Clients?

Most salespeople think that marketing is the art of convincing people. Is it? I've been marketing since 2001. I've learned that marketing is not the same as convincing people. Read this article to know why I don't think I am in the business of convincing people.
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