How Can I Say Life Is Wonderful?

Is this man having difficulty or he's just deliberately making his life look difficult? Don't let your eyes fool you. He's just lying on the pavement while grabbing that brick near the...

In Your Marriage, Are You a Listener or a Talk-er?

The Pope was right. In my married life, I didn't start as a listener but a talk-er. I still remember how I didn't want to give up every time my wife spoke of...
Why Do We Call Our Spouse Our "Better Half”?

Why Do We Call Our Spouse Our “Better Half”?

Let me tell you why with this one example. My wife takes care of our son's studies. I think I'm being stingy in words when I said only that. So, let me throw...

No Luck – Only Hard Work

This 2015 is about to end. Instead of pondering about the rustic "New Year's Resolution" thing-y, I take advantage of the remaining days of the year to cement my mindset and...
Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Yesterday, while we drove in to the drive-thru of a fast food chain in our city, a boy (a sampaguita garland vendor) approached me as I was placing an order. Without further...

My God and I Defeated My Goliath

Warning: What you are about to read is not an entry in Maalaala Mo Kaya. When I was in high school, I could not join my classmates in taking their college entrance...

Success Story # 1: Cigarette Vendor Turned Entrepreneur

I was a cigarette vendor (like the one in the picture) for almost 8 years (from grade 4 to first year in college) in a cockpit arena. That experience taught me...
Happiness Formula: Don't Change the Normal Structure of Your Core

Happiness Formula: Don’t Change the Normal Structure of Your Core

My son loves science. I know a black hole, at least, in terms of the spelling. But my son knows more than just the spelling. As a matter of fact, he...

10 Reasons Why I Am So Blessed

Friends, I have started to love people because I see Jesus in them. Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I went to the market to buy some furniture for myself and my...

You Are Poor Because of Wrong Business Psychology

I can see God's blessings everywhere. This evening, I had another encounter that may occupy a chapter in the book and e-book I'm writing. It's about one of the reasons why...
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