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Can’t Log-in to Your COL Financial Account? Here’s My Workaround!

Some COL Financial users have been expressing their disgust onĀ social media regarding the inconvenience they've experienced in accessing COL Financial's platform this week. I am a COL Financial user, too. While...
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$MPI: P1.6 Trillion 30-day NFS Yet 42 Brokers Have a 100% Buying Activity Today

Nearly 16 million shares, 32% of the total volume, were traded in the last 10 minutes of trading on Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPI) today. Foreign investors sold P1.6 trillion shares in the past 30 days but 65% of brokers made a 100% buying activity today. Will MPI go below 5.40 or it'll recover above 5.82?
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How to Set Up a Trailing Stop-Loss and Why You Must

If you don't want to get knocked out of the game too early, use a trailing stop-loss in your trade setup. If you want to protect your capital while riding on...
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Do You Read the Technical and Investment Guides of COL?

Are you using COL Financial as your online stockbroker? I know some new investors and traders, with a COL Financial account, who are "only" relying on fellow investors' and traders' words as...
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$DD: Bullish Closing Price, Bearish Intraday Chart, Pierce 40 or Kiss 30?

Doubledragon Properties Corp (DD) closed bullishly on 13 March 2018 but the intraday chart painted a downtrend price movement. Foreign investors are net sellers, too. Does DD have the momentum to break out above 40 or this is an artificial bullishness that will end up near 30 again? Here's what I know.
BDO Buy Below 130 or Do What Deutsche Does

BDO: Buy Below 130 or Do What Deutsche Does?

BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) has been going south since the second week of January 2018. The short-term downtrend seemed to haveĀ been controlled in the first week of February 2018 but the downtrend continues in the third week of March 2018. Is it okay to wait and buy BDO below 130 or do what Deutsche does?
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#JGS: Moving to 60 Per Share, Aggressive Dip-buying Activities Spotted

JG Summit Holdings (JGS) wiped out all its 2018 gains last Friday, March 2, 2018. Over 45% of participating brokers registered a 100% buying stance from Feb. 26 to March 2. While JGS is heading towards the support near 60, my data shows that some investors are buying the dips. Read my complete analysis of JGS here.
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Can You Set a Stop Loss Price in Advance When Trading in the Philippine...

Someone asked me, "Why did my broker process my cut-loss price in advance? I set my cut-loss at P100.00, but my broker processed it at P105.00." For some of you, you might...
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My Personal Retirement Fund Calculator VS Truly Rich Club Calculator

As a personal finance enthusiast, particularly on mutual funds and the stock market, I have tried and tested several stock market-focused groups. Each of them recommends a stock market calculator. To...
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MRC: To Hit 1.00 or Re-test 0.52-0.60?

MRC Allied Inc (MRC) registered a 117.91% year-to-date change as of its last price on March 1, 2018 at 0.73 per share. While the top 10 players of MRC are not in a panic-selling mode, we do not know until when can the top 10 players stay in the wait-and-see stance. Will it hit 1.00 or re-test 0.52-0.60?
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