3 Things I Enjoy When I Pay My Business Taxes

3 Things I Enjoy When I Pay My Business Taxes

It’s business’ permit renewal month once again.
It’s very tempting to declare business closure even if it’s still on-going. As other freelancers say, “It’s an online business anyway.”

Call me a fool but I choose to continue paying taxes even if there’s still no implicit and explicit take yet on how to tax online earners. Actually, it’s either there’s really no solid tax law yet for online earners or the tax bureau’s employees aren’t well-informed yet on how to handle such cases (but that’s another topic).

There three things I enjoy when I pay my taxes.

1. I give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

Rationale: My fellow online earners might be thinking, “Bolang ka talaga. Ot mamayad kang tax pwedi munemang isalikut? Miras la kareng corrupt a pulitiku deng babayad mu.”
Translation: You’re really a food. Why pay your taxes when you can hide the business? Your taxes will just go to corrupt politicians.

You see, sometimes people have a broken logic when it comes to addressing an issue. If you want to cut a tree, you don’t cut the branches but the roots. What do I mean by that? There’s no problem in paying taxes. The problem is the misuse of the taxes we pay. So if you’re not going to pay taxes, you’re not cutting the roots of the problem. Addressing the misuse of taxes is another topic, however.

2. I become hungrier to earn more.

We live in a universe that abhors empty spaces. Let’s use the natural calamity in Tacloban city as an example. That city is surrounded by bodies of water. Where did the water go during the storm surge? To the land. Without a second thought, the water fills the land with water.

When I give, I create a vacuum, a space in my financial life.
That space feeds my hunger to earn more, to do a better job.
And when my clients are happy with my customer service and service delivery, guess to whom will they bring their other businesses?

3. I am super blessed.

There is a sense of pride when I tell my bookkeeper to pay my business’ tax before the deadline.
I am not referring to bad pride but the opposite.
When I pay taxes, it gives me joy. The good pride in me tells me this, “Jaycee, you’re doing your part in your community. Keep it up!”
So when I do my daily worship, I just can’t help it but smile on my own and say “Thank you for the opportunity to contribute and to serve, Lord.”

Friends, if you are running a business, online or offline, I want you to enjoy these three things I enjoy by attending to our civil and lawful obligation of paying our taxes.

You can’t receive if you don’t give.
You can only have an open palm when you give.
How can you receive with a closed fist?

Jaycee De Guzman

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