4 Steps to Follow in Writing a Winning Blog Content

4 Steps to Follow in Writing a Winning Blog Content

Writing a blog is easy; anyone who knows how to navigate the internet can do it. However, creating persuasive, informative, and impactful blog content can be challenging. That’s why I’ve listed four steps you can follow in writing engaging blog content.

Step 1: Build a Solid Framework for Your Ideas

Research and pool your concepts to save time. Gather your raw ideas and list them down in a notepad or a spreadsheet. Use the tools available online to help you generate popular topics and keywords.

If you’re writing to sell products or services, make your competitors work for you. Research about them and look for Q&A threads about their products.

Synthesize all these information and create the flow you’ll follow in writing your blog content.

Step 2: Use the Michelangelo Technique to Create Your Canvass

It’s said that the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, was able to see his sculptures in a block of marble before he even starts carving it. Blog writers can also do the same to a block of words, chiseling away unnecessary information until the beauty of the blog post comes to life.

Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, and DailyInfographic are reliable sources you can use for research. You can also get data from YouTube videos and slides on SlideShare and Prezi. Use these resources to create your marble block.

Remember how you laid down your framework? Use it to guide you in filtering which details to trim and which ones to keep to create a solid blog content.

Step 3: Follow These 6 Points in Creating Persuasive Content

Persuade your blog post readers to grab your offer instead of doing straightforward vending. Remember these factors in writing your next blog content:

  • Vulnerability

Tell them both the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Readers usually see authenticity in posts like these compared to those telling only what their products can do while hiding what it can’t. Write a product review.

  • Readability

Write short paragraphs and add images to increase content readability. Images of products and services also add credibility to your post.

  • Necessity

Create a sense of urgency. Add call-to-actions that offer extra content or service if they decide to take your offer right away.

  • Expertise

Putting in data-driven info in your blog content proves you’re an expert on the subject you’re talking about.

  • Reciprocity

Replying to questions and feedback adds value to your business.

  • Consistency

Being steadfast in your stand invites readers’ loyalty and trust.

Step 4: Sculpting Your Content to Create a Masterpiece

Create an opening headline that will immediately hook your audience. Be specific but don’t reveal everything right away. Lure them to read your blog content further.

The body should be short and straightforward. Provide the answer to what, why, and how questions by giving examples and steps readers can follow.

Closing paragraphs should reiterate your main message in a positive and engaging way. Encourage your readers to comment on your posts.

Many bloggers may have been using these tips for years already. Although you now have the keys to writing engaging blog content, you may get left behind if you’re just starting now.

iPresence Business Solutions can help you stay ahead of them by creating more viral blog content that will surely put you in the lead of the competition.

So, when do you plan to apply these steps in your writing?

Jaycee De Guzman

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