5 Great Tips on How You Can Effectively Get Traffic Using Facebook

5 Great Tips on How You Can Effectively Get Traffic Using Facebook

I used to question the capabilities of Facebook when it comes to getting traffic for my website. I’ve always thought that there are other means of grabbing my targeted audience aside from this social media site considering that most members here are people whose main purpose is to socialize with other people and keep in touch with their friends and loved ones.

But things went differently for the last few months. What I did was to try different methods which took a lot of my time. It was, however, worth it. I am going to share with you the type of method that worked for me best and hopefully, will help you make your website or blog more productive.

Encourage Your Clients to Speak Up

I post questions every day to encourage the people who have liked my page to share their experiences with my services and to post their opinions on how I can improve my performance. This is an effective method to stay in touch with your clients and so you’ll be able to learn about what needs changing or improving.

Encourage Client Involvement

You can schedule any day of the week to post one same question that will encourage the involvement of your clients and future customers. For example, in my case, I ask what type of challenge they prefer that will give the winner the benefit of getting discounts or promotions at my end. This will give them the anticipation of visiting your page often so they can have the advantage of getting their comments read first. This is also one way of letting your clients stay active on your page.

Join Groups on Facebook

It’s always an advantage to join groups and meet different people that share the same interest or purpose with you. There, you can talk about your experiences and learn from each other. You can also get useful tips on how you can further improve your performance.

Offer Promotions

Another way of getting your name heard is through promotions. What happens here is that people are likely to post or share your page on their Facebook wall about the promotions you’re having because this is also a great advantage for them. This is also one of those ways of getting your audience involved.

Stay Active

Always stay active. Regularly update your page and posts so people will know that you’re still there and to encourage them to check your page each time they log in to Facebook.

These are the five important things that you should never forget when making a Facebook page to drive traffic. This has worked for me and hopefully, it will also be as effective for you.

Jaycee De Guzman


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