A Whiner Never Takes The Lead In The World Of Freelancing

A Whiner Never Takes The Lead In The World Of Freelancing

I am a member of giant internet marketing forums, Skype mastermind groups and social media groups of internet marketers, business owners and freelancers.

Complainers, whiners and moaners are always ever-present, day-in, day-out.
They complain about a marketplace’s ridiculous proposed rate.
They complain about a client who can only afford to pay a very low rate.
They complain about a fellow freelancer who accepted a low-budgeted contract from that client whom they complain about.
They complain about that freelancer’s mother for giving birth to that freelancer who accepted a low-budgeted contract from that client whom they complain about.
They complain about Adam and Eve for giving birth to that freelancer’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s, can-someone-continue-this-for-me-please.
I mean, they complain why the sky is blue, why they can’t see the air they breathe, why a mosquito flies. You got my drift?

Whenever I see freelancers and entrepreneurs who are whiners, complainers and moaners, I just smile. It tickles me to the bones. I become more than thankful! It’s like an aroma to the air I breathe.


Complainers are not my business competitors.
The more complainers I see, the lesser competitors I get.
A serial complainer will just keep on complaining and complaining.
In most cases (not in general), he doesn’t create a “moving-forward” action plan on how he could get the nod of the same exact client who turned down his offer.

But a wise man would think this way:
[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]What unique selling proposition do I have that will make this client pay my asking price of $10.00 per hour, despite of my feeling that he will only pay my price over his dead body?[/quote]

And then he tests it by writing a brief cover letter that highlights his edge among other freelancers.
And then he tests it again when he receives an invitation for interview either through email or on Skype.
And if it works, he continuously improves it, non-stop!

When you run a business, big or small, you don’t complain about the things you don’t control.
Can you control clients who offer a price that makes you feel like you eat grass for breakfast, a cup of soil for lunch and a plate of cow’s dung for dinner?
No, you can’t!
If given the chance, won’t you also look for an original iPhone 5S for the price of Nokia 5110?

I’m not saying you grab all those low-paying jobs.
What I’m saying is that you try other ways to possibly convince that low-paying client to meet half-way if you can’t really work together on your asking price.

Do not tell the employer how he should deliver the message, especially if he runs his own business and you’re just someone who’s trying to grab some projects from his business.
You tell yourself how you should interpret the message.
As I always say, the Earth has a bunch of idealistic people. Let’s not measure things on our own scale of righteousness.

So what can you control?
1. Your marketing strategy.
2. Your quality control processes.
3. Your customer service.

Remember, no matter how good your marketing strategy and customer handling skills are, there will always be a deal you cannot seal for some reason.

What do you do when that happens?

Move on.
Eat your breakfast.
Go out for a 15-minute walk.
Go back home.
Do your work.
Take a power nap.
Wake up.
Do your work.
Watch TV.
Go back to work again.
Then, you wake up again.
Friend, move on and continue your happy life!

Don’t dwell too much on what you can’t control.
I didn’t say that you should not think about the things you can’t control.
I said “do not dwell” on them because what you focus on grows.

Read more books on how to do online marketing.
Read more articles on how to craft a superb cover letter.
Attend seminars on how to write a converting sales copy so you can sell your skills very well.
Bookmark the personal website of an experience online marketer named Jaycee De Guzman (ehem) – and follow his fan page, too! (ehem again)
These are the things we can control. You focus on these, you’ll grow!

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