AskJaycee # 3: How Do I Convince Clients?

AskJaycee # 3: How Do I Convince Clients?

Question: How do I convince clients?

Here’s my answer.

If there’s one key takeaway I’ve learned in doing business for the past years, it’s this: stop convincing people.

Let me put that within my context.

When I offer my digital marketing solutions or stock market consultancy services, I tell my target market upfront what problems I can fix, how I can fix it, and why I want to fix it that way. I put that in writing as detailed as possible.

Now, if someone comes to me and says, “I’ve read about your offer on your website. Convince me why I should choose you over the other service providers,” I already knew that’s not my ideal customer.

Many years ago, I would bend over backward trying to convince people. But after being in the business for almost two decades, I’ve come to realize that it’s not worth it to place myself in a dare-me-to-convince-you kind of game.

If I already said what I can deliver, how I deliver, and why I prefer to deliver that way, all you have to do is decide if my WHATs, HOWs, and WHYs are aligned with yours. If there’s an alignment, then, you don’t need to make me convince you anymore. If there’s none, then, you don’t need to waste your and my time by making me convince you for something you’ll never agree with.

Those who agree need no rocket-science explanation, but no explanation is enough for those who don’t.

Jaycee De Guzman

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