Business Writing Tips: Ways to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Tips: Ways to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Business writing can be seen to be among the most complex forms of content writing today, as it is not something that can be performed that easily, especially if you are not equipped with enough knowledge. If you are going to do business writing, you will need to be knowledgeable about it and make sure that you are using the right business terms, so your readers would find you credible and experienced when it comes to delivering information to them. So now, if you are among those people who are struggling to write business-related content, here are three business writing tips that can help you improve your skills.

Make your write-up simple, compelling and understandable.

Writing about business and other topics related to it can be similar to your typical content writing blues. You have to be grammatically correct in every sentence that you make, and be sure that your content is original. Others might be comparing business writing with academic writing, but they have similarities, especially when it comes to the technicalities.

However, what you have to remember when it comes to business writing is that you should keep your write-up simple, compelling and understandable – understandable, most especially. If your article cannot be understood by a fifth-grader, junk it. When it comes to any form of content writing, remember that you’re supposed to write to inform and not just to impress. So, make sure that you choose your words really carefully.

Whenever I write my newsletters for my Stock Signals clients, I try to avoid long words and sentences. By lengthy, I am not referring to the number of sentences but the number of words in a sentence. Have you heard of Flesch Readability Scale? It measures the readability score of your writing. To achieve a passing Flesch Readability score, you need to use not only short sentences but short words, too. Instead of writing “Can you make this happen?”, write “Can you do this?” The latter has lesser words that the former. The fewer words, the better. The shorter sentences, the better.

Would you like to measure the readability of your article? There are many online tools (free) that can do that. Hemingway App is one.

Know whose perspective you’re targeting.

The next among the business writing tips you need to use to improve your skills is to know who your audience is. Are you targeting young professionals? Are you writing for entrepreneurs? Do you wish to catch the attention of the biggest names in the field of business and finance? Knowing what your target market is will be easier for you to maintain uniformity when it comes to your writing style. You could master hundreds of business writing tips out there, but if you do not know who your target audience is, you will have a difficult time writing your articles and setting your tone in writing.

Know and get rid of jargons.

The last one among the business writing tips you can use to improve your skills is knowing and getting rid of the jargons. Effective business writing does not mean using all the highfaluting words to make your readers think that you are smart and highly knowledgeable about what you’re writing about. If you want to deliver high-quality content to your readers, be sure that you get to make every person reading your article understand everything you are saying. There is no point in writing an article if your readers cannot absorb and digest the things you are telling them.

With these business writing tips shared with you, do you think you can write an article about business successfully now? Sure, you can write business-related articles more smoothly now. But if you are in need of help with writing content for your page, never think twice about visiting iPresence Business Solutions. They can provide you with top-notch quality business articles and help you attract more readers to come and see what you’re offering on your website.

Jaycee De Guzman

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