Content Intelligence: Revolutionizing Content Marketing Technology

Content Intelligence: Revolutionizing Content Marketing Technology

One of the ways where content marketing technology can really help companies is in content intelligence. Companies are constantly on the lookout for technology that can increase sales, increase market share, and build loyalty. This article seeks to inform the reader just what this technology is all about.

Understanding the Terms of Marketing and Intelligence

According to, content marketing is a marketing approach designed to create content intended to attract and retain a clearly defined customer type. This content will ultimately drive profits through customer action.

Content marketing does not involve pitching the company, its products, or services. It is about providing readers with content or information that they find useful. In so doing, readers are convinced or compelled to continue patronizing the company because they provide information they need or desire.

Content intelligence, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Basically, it takes data based on your content and formulates strategies and methods to take advantage of those data. ¬†Examples of data are: knowing how many new visitors are reading the content, analysis of people’s comments about the content, and how many sales is the content generating. The output of this analysis can be a change in the content that will increase readership and action from the customers.

A Simple Example of How It Works for Companies

A company that sells widgets decides to put some information about each widget on their website. Through customer feedback, they find that people want to know more about each widget. This triggers a rewrite of the widget descriptions to satisfy customer demands.

This is a very simple way where content intelligence works. It can get very complicated when more data is combined. Let’s say that the same company decides to have a few people blog about the widgets without mentioning their company. They then analyze the data from those blogs like:

  1. How much time do people spend on the blog?
  2. Which links do they click on?
  3. Which blog is inducing more sales?

These three pieces of data can help the company make changes to the blog contents that will drive more people to their websites.

The Dream for Companies Using the Technology

At present, content intelligence only provides information about your content’s performance. It also provides analysis of people’s reactions and preferences. This analysis will help you develop content that works.

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI), however, makes this activity faster and more effective. AI can take data from almost anywhere. It will analyze it and provide you with information that will help your company make relevant and compelling content.

The next step is to have AI come up with content automation and generate content itself based on the data it has collected, data it already has, and data that is provided to it. AI, unfortunately, is not quite there yet. It is still in its infancy, or rather, in its preschool years.

That doesn’t stop companies from using the present tools that are available today. Content writing is still very much manually done. iPresence Business Solutions is a company that continues to provide quality content writing services for customers worldwide. It offers a level of content intelligence that is both affordable and effective.

Jaycee De Guzman

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