Cyber Monday: Shop ‘Til Your Mouse Breaks

cyber monday deals

It’s already Tuesday at 9:30AM EDT in New York but the Cyber Monday Deals are yet to subside. My fellow Internet Marketers and my own company are still busy selling products and services in various Internet Marketing forums. Our websites are still full of banners for this manic Monday.

Cyber Monday Shop 'Til Your Mouse Breaks

For those who have heard this term only now let me briefly tell you what Cyber Monday is. This is an Internet Marketing term used by online entrepreneurs normally in countries such as US, Germany, and the UK. This Monday mania happens on a Monday after Black Friday (US). In a recent study conducted, 77 percent of respondents, who are online entrepreneurs, declared an exponential increase in their total sales on a Monday after Black Friday. This gave an idea to call this Monday after Black Friday a Cyber Monday. In a separate study conducted by ComScore in 2010, it was reported that $1.028 billion total sales was earned on that Cyber Monday, which is the highest accumulated Cyber Monday sale.

 iPresence Business Solutions is still not over yet with their Cyber Monday Deals. As of this writing, they are still giving 50% OFF of their standard rates on article, product description, product review and web content writing services. Plus, they offer 3 x 500-word articles and keyword research for FREE if your order reaches $150.00.

Cyber Monday Promos

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