The Difference Between Article Writing and Guest Post Writing

The Difference Between Article Writing and Guest Post Writing

I stumbled upon an interesting set of questions from a super active freelancer-centered Facebook group. Let guest post writing be the center of this post.

Question: What’s the difference between article writing and guest blogging?
Answer: The difference boils down to the “additional” effort you need to exert “after” the content writing part. In most cases for article writing projects, you are only required to write and deliver in MS Word or in any word processing program. Whereby on guest blogging, contacting webmasters that accept guest posts could be part of the contract. If your client proactively provides the website where your blog will be posted, you will have to study the in-house the guest posting rules of the webmaster so that your guest post will pass the standards of the webmaster.

Question: Why do writers charge higher on guest post writing than article writing?
Answer: In connection to how I answered the first question, more effort is required for guest post writing. Sometimes, there are writers who own websites that accept guest posts. Sometimes, there are writers who already have a list of websites that accept guest posts (arranged according to niche). These writers may use that as a reason for them to charge higher because they may be able to justify to the client what makes them think their list of websites or recommended websites are a good fit to the client’s need.

Question: Does guest post writing require any knowledge with SEO?
Answer: Yes. If the project requires you to search for webmasters that accept guest posts on a particular niche, you don’t do the “mini-mini-mini-mo” technique. Before you contact a webmaster and ask if he or she accepts guest posts for free or for a fee, you should have a sound reason why you’re choosing that webmaster’s website that will serve as the “host” of your guest post. Did you choose that webmaster’s website because of its high PageRank score, Alexa ranking or domain age? These are just few out of the many SEO-related things you need to consider before you seek the webmaster’s permission to host your guest post.

Assuming the webmaster approved your request. Out of excitement, you informed your client, “Boss, I was able to get the nod of one webmaster who accepts guest posts in your niche. See, I told you. I’m a fast worker (wink)!)” Unfortunately, upon your client’s review, he told you something that floored you, “You freak! This website is very new. This won’t do me any good. Were you born last night?”

If you just contacted that webmaster in random without having a sound and logical reason why you think his website is a good for your client, how can you explain to the webmaster that you just wasted his time because you did not know what you were doing?

Moreover, you need to incorporate your client’s keywords, which will serve as an anchor text when you point back to your client’s website. People resort to guest posting in order for them to benefit from the good web stats of the website that accepts guest posts.

I hope you’ve learned from my explanation. Feel free to add your comments below.


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