Don’t Wish for Financial Security. Aim for Financial Freedom.


These were my experiences when I was still an employee. I bet some of you are into one or two of these scenarios right now. 

Nine months before I quit my job, I studied how I can build my own online business. I studied Internet Marketing principles, services, and strategies. I looked back to my job and realized that no matter how dedicated I was, no matter how many times I skipped my breaks, no matter how many times I did the work of others, and no matter how many times I worked without an overtime fee, I was compensated indirectly by the fruits of my labor. An employee can figuratively die for the business, but the business cannot die for its employees. 

As an Internet Marketer, not only do I feel and see a direct impact of my efforts straight to my wallet. I also get the chance to do business with top Internet Marketers who have gained their insignia of authority not by organizational politics, but by their efforts to know so little about so many things. 

Friends, do not aim financial security, but financial freedom. As Robert Kiyosaki once said, if you need security, you need to go to jail. There you’ll find maximum security. If you need freedom, you need to choose and do something that you can control. You can’t control the company you work for, can you? 

When I was an employee, I wanted to tell my boss that I could work non-stop for 30 straight days just so I could earn what I waned to to earn in one year. But that didn’t happen.

Internet Marketing allows me to create and design my own services. It allows me to build connections with millionaires across the globe. It empowers me to earn what I used to earn in one year in a shorter period of time. That’s financial freedom! 

Jaycee De Guzman

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