Effectively Selling Social Media to Clients


The increasingly huge impact of social media on marketing and product promotions has also increased the interest of marketing professionals in using social media as a major tool in making educated business plans and strategies. Social media has provided limitless ways for businesses to connect and form relationships with their clients. Even well known companies are incorporating social media in their traditional marketing concepts and often rely on social media trends to make important marketing plans and decisions. For a marketing executive, the biggest hurdle you have to face is how to convince the higher-ups of the merits of using social media to advance company sales.

How to Be Effective in Selling Social Media to Your Clients 

  1. First, convince your client to take advantage of the volume of social media users and turn them into leads. With the number of social media users increasing daily, social networks are seen as a major tool in promoting businesses and gaining leads.  However, these platforms also attract many bashers that make it quite difficult for you to sell it to your clients.
  2. Another way to be effective in selling social media to your clients is to point out that criticism is normal in business. In fact, using social media platforms has more benefits than disadvantages.
  3. With social media, you can stay connected with your customers and keep them interested in your products and services. Customers are especially receptive if you are able to respond to their needs and immediately address their concerns.
  4. Convince your client that in social media, you have the power to create the ideal environment that you can effectively use to interact with your customers and deliver to them excellent customer service, increase sales, and use it for marketing and human resource purposes.

Addressing Client Needs Using Social Media

But how can you actually use the different social media networks for your client’s marketing needs? First, you will have to perform an audit to find out the actual customer percentage that uses these social networks and determine how much effort you need to direct in your social marketing strategy. 

  1. Customer Service Needs: Social media accounts maintained by customer service representatives can help your client to monitor social media feeds and trends to be able to act proactively and address upcoming issues. Your customers can also use social media to emphasize their great experiences in using your product. Your customer representatives can use social media to advertise promotions and deals to their fans and followers.
  2. Increase Customers and Sales: You can use social media as a venue to immediately address simple inquiries and connect your customers with the appropriate teams that can better address their concerns. You can offer exclusive deals and discounts to you social media followers to attract more customers and gain leads.
  3. Improve Marketing Strategy: Your marketing personnel can use social networks to determine market trends and monitor social network buzz about you and your competitor. This will also give you the opportunity to immediately address client concerns or take the opportunity to make a quick sale. You can use social media to make surveys to determine how the market will accept a new product. You can also obtain instantaneous response from your target customers that will enable you to make adjustments in your marketing strategy, if necessary.
  4. Useful Tool for Human Resources Team: Social media can also be utilized to seek recommendations for appropriate personnel to add to your staff, monitor your employee’s performance, keep in touch with out-of-town staff, and enable quick interactions between your customers and clients.
  5. Social Media as Research Tool: Aside from surveys, you can use social media sites to ask your customers direct questions about an upcoming product launch or proposed product innovation. You can also monitor the latest news and trending articles to help you make better business plans and turn customer opinion into your advantage.

The Deciding Factor

 If your client is still undecided, let them reflect on these points:

  • There is more value in a happy and contented customer than the price your company has to pay to attain excellent customer service. Happy customers become immediate product promoters and advertisers. They will be more than happy to recommend your product to their friends and family, which could translate to more customers and increase in sales.
  • Answering customer’s concerns the first time, every time is more valuable than expensive advertisements and promotions. Letting your customers wait for solutions is the killer of good customer service. Quick customer service and efficient problem resolutions are a big plus for your business and could be turned into additional leads.
  • It is better to direct the bulk of your marketing efforts to become proactive in addressing client concerns than spend time and effort on damage control. Removing potential problems before they occur spells excellent company management and a boost for marketing executives to market a product made by an efficiently run company.

Where You Can Sell Social Media Services

The famous, if not the most famous, Internet Marketing forum where you can sell social media services is the Warrior Forum: www.warriorforum.com. You can also submit a sales thread at www.v7n.com, www.blackhatworld.com, and www.digitalpoint.com, just to name a few. You can also check out forum.marketingscoop.com if you are looking for a venue to sell social media services.

The Short of It All

Social media is not only a tool for people to connect with friends, family, and join online communities. It is time that marketers recognize the power of social networks to develop your brand and company sales. Businesses can use social networks as an important tool to help advance their sales, provide excellent customer service, build good customer relationship, and be able to connect with the appropriate personnel to hire for your business.

Customers like to voice their opinions, especially about products and services they have tried. Customers are the lifeblood of businesses. Social media provides the venue where businesses and customers can interact. It is time to take advantage of this very affordable and highly accessible tool to improve your business standing.

Jaycee De Guzman


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