Email Marketing: How to Manage Unsubscribing List Subscribers?

Email Marketing: How to Manage Unsubscribing List Subscribers?

It’s important to communicate regularly with your prospects when you’re in an internet marketing business. One way to communicate is through email. I have an email list for premium clients. I have a separate list for prospective clients.

How regular is regular? I know that word is relative. It depends on how frequent news and information change in your niche. Are you in the Forex niche? Changes happen by the second. Are you in the astronomy niche? Well, perhaps, there are new discoveries in that field everyday but it may not be as frequent as Forex.

So, how often you send an email to your list depends on how frequent changes happen in your field. Since the list that I’m talking about is in the field of stock market, I send an email to my list everyday (I don’t need to do that with my premium clients since I chat with them in our forum).

If a Non-paying Email Subscriber Unsubscribes

What do I do if a non-paying subscriber unsubscribes to my email list? Nothing. There’s nothing I can do about it if they chose to unsubscribe. But I got to be objective in assessing the reason why they unsubscribed. Is it because they feel they’re being spammed? They think the content isn’t relevant for them? They feel they’re receiving too many emails? Or are they expecting a snail mail and a telegram but not an email?

In my case, when a non-paying email subscriber unsubscribes for whatever reason, I take that positively. I’ll give you three reasons why.

1. That creates a free spot for future subscribers. Non-paying email subscribers don’t pay a dime. Of course, they don’t. Hello! That’s why they’re called “non-paying email subscribers”. But I pay for the space that they occupy in my email list. Yes, there’s a corresponding amount that I pay to my email host provider for every single email that subscribes to my list for free. So if you unsubscribe, you didn’t make me feel bad. You’ve just lessen my overhead expense. You’ve made me feel more awesome!

2. When I send an email, I want you to read it, not to eat it, not to smell it. Read it. If you get annoyed receiving an email because you don’t like reading , I’ve just taught you a lesson then. Trading and investing is for those who would read, even if they’re not readers by nature, just because they know that reading and having a good comprehension skill are building blocks to a profitable trading and investing experience.

3. If you subscribed because you think you can write, think, trade, invest, analyze, talk, and breathe better than I, good job! The 7 billion people on earth won’t run out of new things to discover each day. For one, it took us 100 years to find the evidence to Einstein’s theory of special relativity. That’s what inspires me to write every single crazy thought I have. Who knows? My anything-under-the-sun-theories might be proven helpful by the year 2116.

Can you really “manage” the unsubscribers? No, you can’t. They subscribed at their own free will. They may unsubscribe any time at their own free will, too. So, that’s what I wanted to share with you about email marketing and internet marketing for today. Did you learn a new thing or two (minus the sarcasms)?

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Jaycee De Guzman

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