How Did I Develop My Passion In Writing?

How Did I Develop My Passion In Writing?

I learned English when I was 8 years old.
It is not true that those who learned English at an early age are better than the late-bloomers.

You want a proof?

Fine. Ninety nine percent of my clients, who are using my content writing service, are native English speakers. Out of this 99 percent, only 20 percent outsources this task because they no longer have the time to do their writing. The remaining 80 percent outsources this work because they don’t know how to write well in English. To whom do they outsource all their content writing needs? To my employees who are 100 percent Fipinos. We are a team of non-native English writers and speakers. Ironic? You bet. Call it Iron Man if you like (wink).

What am I trying to point out then?

You can make heaps of money by providing a content writing service if you have these three:
1. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
2. Laptop
3. Internet connection

Writing May Not Be Everyone’s Cup of Tea

It isn’t your cup of tea if you don’t drink tea and you still have other options to drink.
When it is your only option to quench your thirst, you got to learn how to drink tea.

You didn’t get what I mean? Let me tell you my journey on how I developed my passion in writing.

You maybe a good reader but not a writer.
But I firmly believe that the world adjusts to what we believe in.
I believe that God has given us everything we need when we were born, but He has given us the will to decide on what our passion we would like to have.

I bet all of you believe that I was not born with my ambilical cord wrap around a ballpen.
I asked my mother if I recited a poem when the OB-GYNE hit my butt. My mother said I cried (Shocks! I thought I did!).  I just cried. I didn’t recite a poem!

At school, I joined organizations to harness my writing skills.
I applied as a contributor for our high school publication.
My entries didn’t make it to the cover page, nor to the first few pages of the magazine.
Most often than not, my poems and articles were placed on columns that were less noticed by readers – just to avoid white spaces.
I believe my editor-in-chief did not do that to intentionally steal the hope in my heart to become a good writer.

After high school, I felt writing in English wasn’t for me.

I Felt So Terrible in Writing Until….

I was a scholar of a Filipino foundation in Daly City, California in college. I was also one of the scholars of our mayor in our municipality.
Still, the financial support was not enough.
I had to find ways to finance my college studies.
My parents were already old and couldn’t sustain the needs of my studies.
Unfortunately, I did not find ways.
What did I do? I created an idea that gave birth to a full scholarship grant for me.

I approached my academic head and asked, “Sir, I noticed that other colleges and universities have this so-called campus publication. Do we have one?”

My academic head replied, “We have none. What made you ask?”

“Sir, I believe there are many things the school and the students are missing without a school organ. If you like, I can write a proposal that talks about the general and specific problems of not having a school publication and the general and specific objectives or solutions through a school publication. I know how laborious this could be for the students who will manage the paper, so as a kind gesture for their efforts, maybe we can put up a scholarship program starting from the Editor-In-Chief down to the Contributing writers. How about that, Sir?”, I smartly asked.

“Send me that proposal. We’ll see,” he replied.

Since I wrote the proposal, I put “100% scholarship” next to the position of the Editor-In-Chief. (haha)
To cut the long story short, I was elected as the Editor-In-Chief. (And you still wonder why I’m a good businessman?)

Passion Can Be Learned

Friends, what am I trying to tell you?
Passion can be taught by life itself.

My PURPOSE was to have something that can financially support my studies. So, I devised a PLAN.
I knew I had the POTENTIAL to become a writer and I held that belief so tight in my heart.
I PERSEVERED until the end.

It was not easy to be an Editor-in-Chief, a President of the entire school organization, a President of the other sub-school organizations, a Contributing Writer of the institute’s national magazine in the entire Northern Luzon, a candidate for the Best in Thesis award and a candidate for a multitude of academic awards. It’s not easy. Never will that be easy! Do you feel me?

If I were rich, man, why would I kill myself joining all those organizations?
I still remember so vividly in my mind when my academic head called me to his office, “Jaycee, what are you doing? You know you’re a candidate for some Latin Honors. You’re literally joining all organizations. It’s only the beauty pageant that you haven’t tried yet. Would you like to join that, too, huh?”, my academic head sarcastically but kindly asked.

I knew he didn’t have brutal intentions of shaming me off. I consider him as one of my mentors in life. I wanted to tell you in this article how he lent me his computer in his office every time we have a quiz or an exam in programming, but that’s another story. Gosh, we didn’t have a typewriter at home, what more for a computer? I translate and compile computer programs on a thick pad of yellow paper – and I perfected them every time (ehem).

I Dreamed Big. I Started Small.

Thank God I dreamed big and I started small.
That situation aligned my PASSION and POTENTIAL to my PURPOSE.
I PERSERVERED. I dreamed, believed and survived! (Starstruck! Gee, sorry, I got carried away.)

I started like a cork for a leaking barrel (panakip butas).
God promoted me from just being a “side dish” to a “main menu”.
Because of winning that full scholarship grant from writing, I began to think, “Hmm, there’s money in here!”

Immediately after graduation, I searched the internet if there are people who are earning money online by writing articles.
I searched:

  • who those people are
  • what do they do
  • where do they market their services
  • how do they market it
  • how do they handle their customer service
  • how do they put up a price for their services

Today, the Lord is my only boss and unique business partner.
You want to know how much money I’ve made in my content writing services for the past two years of playing full-time in this lucrative business?
I won’t tell the exact figures.
But let me give you a clue.
Total the salary of a call center supervisor in Manila for 18 years. I earned that in 2 years.

Friends, let me end this story by saying this.
I came from a clan whose line of work is on jobs that require physical strength – welder, carpenter, tricyle driver, vendor, among others.

I made a decision that if I won’t PERSEVERE to develop my PASSION, and align my POTENTIAL to my PURPOSE, I might just end up either as a welder, a carpenter, a tricycle driver or a vendor, too.
Let me make myself clear. These are not bad jobs. There’s nothing wrong with these jobs.
But I have gigantic, humongous, big DREAMS in my life – for my wife, son and our families.

Friends, maybe you’re hopeless right now.
Maybe you’re blaming the President of the Republic of the Philippines due to your situation in life.
Maybe you’re blaming your life’s misery to everyone except you.
Don’t. Do not.

The only way to reduce and to zero out the miseries in your life is by increasing your knowledge.
Find your passion. If you can’t find it, develop your passion. Make one.
Read books. Attend seminars. Bookmark my blog ( and sign-up so you’ll regularly receive inspirational thoughts, business ideas and tips on stock marketing investing on a weekly basis. Sometimes, I post a new article thrice a week. Follow me on my fan page, too.

Trust me, you’ll succeed if you persevere until your last breathe.
Perseverance can turn your MISERY into a MYSTERY.
Success is not all about talent or skill. It’s how much you’ve persevered.
Smile on your problems. They’re great stories to tell once you’ve overcome them.

I want to see you sharing your own success stories next time.
I want to read your own blog next time.
I want to see you writing your own, uncopied and original inspirational thoughts on your fan page next time.

And you can start that journey right now. Who got a bike? Come, let’s stroll! 

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