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I was invited by Derek Gallimore of Outsource Accelerator for a 3-part podcast interview last 19 February 2018. We talked about the evolution of digital marketing, the shifting of content marketing to a better technology, and possible impact of artificial intelligence to business process outsourcing.

Derek introduced to me the P300,000.00 Article Writing Competition that promotes outsourcing in the Philippines. Derek is not a Filipino but he strongly believes that the Philippines is the Swiss banking of the world. That optimism to the future of outsourcing in the Phillippines is the same theme Derek used in this article writing competition.

The mechanics are simple. You need to write an article that educates and informs readers about the benefits of outsourcing, how to start outsourcing, and why the Philippines is a go-to country for Business Process Outsourcing. You may also cite a BPO company in your article if you think that company embodies your definition and outlook for the outsourcing sector in the Philippines. You’ll find the mechanics on The Source.

Immediately after the interview, I gathered my business leaders at iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and told them to encourage everyone in our organization, especially the writers, to join the contest.

This company has been providing digital marketing solutions since 2001. We offer content writingexplainer videosvoice overgraphic designwebsite designvirtual assistancetranscriptionforum marketing, and keyword research services. You will find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn. We are everywhere. We can make you global.

iPresence has given its support by asking the Operations’ leaders and editorial team to help the writers with their entries. I’ve also asked our in-house graphic designer and animator to prepare customized infographic materials and short animated videos for the article entries.

Text-based content alone is good. My team has a good knack for writing. Why not? Content writing is the pioneer and flagship digital marketing solution of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. since 2001. But I want my team to standout. This is the reason why our entries have custom-designed infographic materials and videos.

Here are the 10 entries of my team in no particular order.

Why the Philippines Is a Go-to Country for Business Process Outsourcing

6 Benefits of Outsourcing- iPresence Digital Marketing Inc

Why Should You Outsource to the Philippines - iPresence Digital Marketing Inc

5 Hacks to Get Away With the Wrong Outsourcing Partner

How to Be Successful in Outsourcing

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing for Your Business Is the Best Move

Best Place to Outsource - Business Outsourcing - Leveraging Your Way to Financial Success

The competition will conclude today. One must excel in all three requirements to win. I worry not about the second and third requirements but I want to ask a favor from you to help me help my team excel on the first item. Please visit each of the 10 articles above and share the articles on your social media accounts. I know you want to do it because you know you have friends on social media who are highly interested in BPO-related matters.

  • The most number of shares and likes (as per the social widget)
  • Article quality and originality
  • Presence of updated personal and company profile.

May the most well-written, unique, substantial, and creative piece that followed 100 percent of the technical requirements win!

Again, read those 10 articles I’ve mentioned above so you can answer this question below.

Why Outsource in the Philippines - iPresence Digital Marketing Inc

Jaycee De Guzman

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