Online Freelancers: You Won’t Get That Job If You Are Doing This

Online Freelancers: You Won't Get That Job If You Are Doing This

I’ve been earning through the internet for 16 years. I get some of my projects from discussion boards. In all those years, I’ve noticed that where there is a job post, there is always that one freelancer who will post any of the following on the job post of the employer:
– Hit me up on Skype.
– If you’re still looking for a _____, inbox me.
– PM me.
– Check this link and contact me.

You don’t win projects by responding to the employer that way. Never ever give the employer an impression, especially in a non-verbal communication, that you’re giving him or her an assignment.

If you reply that way, you’re creating a wrong impression that the employer badly needs you, and perhaps their business would collapse without you so they should hurry in contacting you. You don’t need them. They need you.


When you see a job post in a discussion board and you’d like to apply, send a professional cover letter or a business proposal. Here are the common elements of my cover letter:
– My experience and expertise in a specific niche/industry
– My quality control processes
– My samples/portfolio
– My rates/professional fees

Begin and end your cover letter in a friendly yet professional tone. Conclude your letter with an invitation for an interview or any form of a dialogue so you will know more about your prospect’s business.

Personally, when I see that majority of replies on the employer’s thread are like those unprofessional responses, I am almost certain that I already got the project.

And that’s one of the many ways on how I win projects almost effortlessly.

Have you also seen unprofessional posts from freelancers who are applying to a job post? What have you observed? Please comment below.

Jaycee De Guzman

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