Randi Zuckerberg: Get Your Baby an Email Address and a Domain Name

Randi Zuckerberg: Get Your Baby an Email Address and a Domain Name

Toronto, Canada – Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of the founder of the largest social networking site Facebook, encourages parents to register an email and URL on behalf of their babies. A URL is an acronym of Uniform Resource Locator. In layman’s term, that’s the domain name of your website. For example, my domain name is www.jayceedeguzman.com.

Who Is Randi Zuckerberg?

Randi Zuckerberg: Get Your Baby an Email Address and a Domain NameRandi Zuckerberg is the older sister of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook – the largest and the most popular social networking site as of the moment. She used to be the director of market development. Now, she is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media. Aside from these, she also writes books that talk about social media and technologies. In her latest book entitled “Dot Complicated,” she talks about how important it is for the parents, especially those who are expectant mothers, to secure an email address and a website address for their children. She also stated that she had already done this for his two-year-old-and-a-half son, named Asher.

Why It Is Important for You to Register an Email Address and URL for Your Baby?

According to Randi Zuckerberg, in today’s generation, the digital identity of a person begins from the moment that the person is conceived in the womb. It is simply because a person’s existence is now being announced online. Sooner or later, the baby in the womb will grow into a person that will use the internet. When that baby grows, sooner or later, he or she will need a formal email address and website address. In order to make sure that there will be an available email address and website address suitable for your child, it is important for you to reserve the email address and website address that go with the name of your child. Right now, it is already difficult to register a URL or email address that has your name on it, which looks and sounds formal. How much more in the future?

She also stressed out that it is important for you to make use of the available technology today to decide on what you would name your baby. She said that she is not encouraging mothers – and even fathers – to spend too much time Googling for the unique name in the whole world. What she only wants to relay to the parents is that if there is a certain name that you want to give to your child. Then, try checking it on Google. If there is someone who has the same name as your child and his or her records look bad, then it is better for you to choose another name, Zuckerberg suggests. She also highlighted the fact that you wouldn’t want your son or daughter to share the same name with a person who has negative findings on Google. So, when choosing a name for your child, make sure to check if this name does not have any negative result first by searching on the internet.

So, have I secured my son his own domain name and email address already? An email address – yes. A domain name – no. I’ll let him decide what brandable domain name he wants for himself when he grows up.

How about you? Did this news article encourage you to register an email address and a domain name for your son or daughter?

Jaycee De Guzman

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