Things Dentists Must Have on Their Website

Things Dentists Must Have on Their Website

Are you a dentist? Do you have a website?

If you do not have a website, you’re giving your prospects a hard time finding you.

Knowing what to include is important in establishing a dentist’s website. The information found on the website will help in attracting clients, as well as creating credibility for the dentist.

So, you need to know how to build your website or at least find someone who knows.

Making the Crown Shine

The crown is “the top part of the tooth, and the only part you can normally see.” In the same way, your website will serve as the window that your clients use in learning about your dental services.

So, choose what you put on your website.

In designing a dentist’s website, you can say things that make your dental services unique from other dentists.

You can also include pictures of your office, its location, and your staff.

How your office looks will help attract patients. In general, people are afraid to go to a dentist. So, if the good ambiance reflects on the pictures, your patients can relax and be confident to have you as their dentist.

Knowing the Parts

Information about your staff is also a must.

It is enough to, at least, put short bios about them. You have to include details, like experience and credentials. You can also include their photos, specialties, and skills.

For potential patients, it is important to know who will be accommodating them. This is because they are putting the future of their dental services on you and your staff.

It is also important to add information about the list of services you offer. Generally, patients go to a dentist for an annual checkup or for a routine cleaning.

But there are times when they need other services. If you offer special services, all the more that you need to add it to your website.

So, in building a dentist’s website, you also need to include a list of dental services. This is to show patients that you are not an ordinary dental office –  that you can offer additional services!

Strengthening the Root

A root “holds the tooth in place.” On your website, you need to add testimonials from your patients.

Testimonials of past patients will help in creating an attractive website for a dentist. People will look for testimonials on your website. If you have a lot, it will attract potential patients.

My websites for my stock investment consultancy business and digital marketing firm have a dedicated page for my clients’ testimonials. You’ll find them here and here.

Make it a habit to ask your past and present patients for recommendations, for these testimonials will serve as a root or a foundation that will make your website and your clinic the best in town.

Now, you know the must-haves for your website as a dentist. Knowing what to include will create a successful dentist’s website.

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Jaycee De Guzman

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