Why You Should Consider Working From Home

Why You Should Consider Working From Home

I know it’s weekend. Perhaps, you’re prepping up for an early-morning travel to your province for the commemoration of our departed loved ones this November 1 and 2. Anyway, I managed to crank up one article, and I’d like to share this with you, especially if you’ve been contemplating lately about being an online freelancer and working from home.

A lot of employees have chosen to skip their 9 to 5 office work and the daily commutes, and get comfortable in their homes by just facing their laptops.

According to a number of new studies conducted, I found out that working from home can be good for the employees and their boss. This can be good for the health and productivity of an employee because not only does work from home result to greater work satisfaction and less exhaustion but the worker is also able to get better sleep at night.

One of the most recent studies conducted about working from home is that of the researchers from Stanford University. They studied 255 employees of a big Chinese travel agency with all of them employed for over six months already. Half of them worked from home for nine months while the other half worked as a control group and they continued working in the office. The two groups worked in the same shift.

The performance of the group that worked in the office stayed stable while those that worked from home increased by as much as 13 percent. This growth was measured by the researchers according to their interactions with customers and their sales rate. They were also found to be more productive per minute and the researchers noted that fewer sick days, lesser breaks and lesser noise distraction made it possible for them to boost their productivity.

An unrelated study also found that working from home may improve the productivity and satisfaction of employees as it improves the quality of their sleep.

Some previous research also support the findings that working from home can be good for employees and their boss. It was found that working remotely reduces stress and increases job satisfaction. If there’s any negative side effect, the only thing that can be pointed out is that they seem to have lower quality of relationships with their co-workers.

A study of the University of Calgary in 2014 also found that when it comes to remote work productivity, personality matters a lot. Those who were satisfied with their jobs as well as those who were conscientious and honest were more productive while working at home while those who have the tendency to procrastinate were unsurprisingly less productive when they work remotely.

I, being an operator of a home-based digital marketing business, find working from home a lot better than when I was still an employee. Remember, the comfort of working from home requires commitment, responsibility, and honesty. That should go without saying.

Are you already working from home? As a freelancer or an online business owner? How’s your online experience so far? Share it with me by commenting below!

Jaycee De Guzman

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