Why You Should Use Contrast in Writing

Why You Should Use Contrast in Writing

Using contrast in writing, a writer can do wonders. In a room full of grey-suited men, a girl wearing orange clothes walks in.

How about a girl wearing gray clothes who also walks in that same room? Who do you think will stand out in that crowd?

A Rose Among the Thorns

In the situation above, you know that the girl wearing the orange dress will stand out. Something different or out of the ordinary captivates people.

Using contrast in writing, you can make stories or articles into something that people will talk about. This is because a rose among thorns will attract a man looking for a flower to give to a woman.

So how will you use contrast to your advantage? One way is to use it in creating the best title or headline.

A good title will entice even the idlest reader. The title is the first thing that people read. And if it is not fascinating enough, the probability is that they will not read the entire article.

Combining contrasting words in creating your title can get the attention of readers.

You can do this by combining an adjective with an adverb.

You can also focus on the change your readers will achieve when they read your story or article.

By using contrast in writing, you can turn a dull story into something fascinating.

Mixing Oil and Water

The importance of contrast in writing is better seen in sales or advertisements. You can persuade other people or possible customers to buy products or try services. You can do this by presenting two alternatives.

Using contrast in writing makes your readers hooked on what you write. This is because using contrast creates tension, surprise, or drama, which will intrigue your readers.

Thus, knowing how to use contrast will benefit you far better than you think.

Why use contrast in writing? It’s because it is an effective tool in emphasizing your point.

Presenting the advantages and disadvantages, the ups and downs, or the do’s and don’ts of a thing can affect how your readers react and accept what you are writing.

The Rule of Contrast

There is a rule, the so-called Rule of Contrast, which “explains how we are affected when we are introduced to two vastly different alternatives in succession” (Westside Toastmasters, For Public Speaking and Leadership Education, n.d.).

When you are given two options, you usually base your choice on what you think, on your perception.

Facts matter, but the usual case is that you use your opinion in making judgments and decisions.

So, contrasts are important to help you decide on what to do or what you need to have.

Learning and understanding how to use contrast, not just in writing, but in your everyday life, helps you in decision-making.

In writing, whether the purpose is to tell a story or to sell something, you need to know and understand what your readers want.

Put yourself in their shoes. When you understand what they want, show them that there is a better option, or that you can make them feel better.

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Jaycee De Guzman

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