Does the Philippines Lack Good Political Leaders or We Just Suck at Leading Our Own Self?


One of the many problems in the Philippines is poverty.

During election, we do our best to cherry-pick the candidate whom we think has the skills, passion, intellect and will to lessen, if not to eradicate, poverty. That’s cool.  But let’s re-think about it for a second.

Is the problem of poverty caused by the lack of political leaders who can punch poverty in the nose or it’s about us who lack the initiative

to learn how to utilize and maximize whatever little resources we have? Let’s stick with the truth and be honest to ourselves.

I’m not referring to people who are at the very rock bottom of life who do not even have table salt on the dining table. I’m referring to the many of us who have smartphones, at least.

No President can erase poverty in the face of the Earth in six years. If we want to graduate from poverty, we must make a personal life-long decision to be resourceful and motivated to maximize whatever little that we have.

In the process of growing our resources, may we grow in knowledge, accountability, and responsibility for our own lives, too.

I am not discounting the important role of our political leaders. I am magnifying the undervalued time, skill, resourcefulness, patience, initiative, and ability to act that are readily available at our disposal. Kanino pinakamalapit ang dalawang kamay, dalawang paa, at ulo na nakapatong sa balikat mo? Kanino? Sa mga nagpapaboto o sa bumoboto?

People of the Philippines, don’t wait for Batman and Superman to run for presidency. If you have the time, skill, resourcefulness, patience, initiative, and ability to act, you have the silver bullets to get out of the pit of poverty.

Read. Connect with people who are already living the life that you are praying for. Above all, pray to the Lord.

Let’s inculcate in our minds that the life-changing power that we have in our hands is greater than the power that we would like to entrust to political leaders. My point looks difficult, smells difficult, and sounds difficult until someone makes it happen. I’ve made it happen. When will you? Ketchup at tuyo. I mean, it’s up to you. 🙂

Jaycee De Guzman

I am the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. At iPresence, we have been helping SMEs reach and dominate the global market through our digital marketing services since 2001. At Equilyst, we have been helping Filipinos experience a simplified and profitable stock trading and investing experience in the Philippine Stock Market since 2014.
Jaycee De Guzman

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