10 Reasons Why I Am So Blessed


Friends, I have started to love people because I see Jesus in them. Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I went to the market to buy some furniture for myself and my son. My wife and I rode a tricycle, walked and asked people for directions. I noticed one thing. When two long lost friends meet each other on the road, they start talking about what makes each other look better than the other one; the color of their hair, their weight (oh-oh), their physical appearance, their car, their financial status in life, and a lot more. They start talking about their source of happiness. In most cases, their conversation ends with an expression of their dissatisfactions and insufficiency in life, in general.

Hold on a second. Why are there people who focus on the dent of their life instead of the beauty of what they have? You want to know why I think I am so blessed today, yesterday, last week, last month and last year? Let me tell you my greatest secrets on why I remain and why I think I am so blessed.

1. I saw the sun yesterday and I will see it again later.

2. I had the opportunity to chat with my neighbor yesterday.

3. I saw lovely people in the market when my wife and I went there yesterday.

4. I had the chance to talk with a close friend via Facebook.

5. I hugged and kissed my wife and son a few hours ago.

6. I told my wife, “Bhie, I love you so much!”

7. I have been an amazing provider for my family.

8. I have an imperfect yet lovely wife, son, parents, siblings, and relatives.

9. I have Jesus in my life.

10. I have bazillions of reasons why I am so blessed.

I watched the news last night. I barely watch TV though. There was a road accident. So what was being reported? Obviously, it was the wrecked car. Friends, you got to remember two things from this news headline – the left and the right sides of the road. The wrecked car was on the left side of the road. Obviously, what the pitiful scenario of that wrecked car won the attention of many.

But friends, please do remember that on the right side of the road, there’s the beauty of a sunrise as it reflects its arrays on the crystal-clear flowing waters of the lake. Friends, in our life, let’s see the sun rising!

Mat 13:16 “But your eyes are blessed because they see, and your ears because they hear.

Jaycee De Guzman


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