A Message For My Self When I Do My Best


I realized…

If you do the hard work, many people will not like you.


We live in a world where most, if not all, people want to do the easy stuff. If you do the hard stuff, you will make them look bad [in the eyes of your boss if you are an employee).

You will be called:

-needs social life re-orientation

Did I care about those remarks? No. Why would I? I was doing the hard work, not for the company, not for my subordinates, not for my colleagues, not for my boss – but for myself. …and here’s a perfect example that a question can be answered by another question:
Question: Why was I doing it for myself only when I was an employee?
Answer: How can I do things perfectly for others if I haven’t done it for myself yet?Hard work is not the opposite of smart work.
Nothing can replace hard work. It’s the only way towards success. I soaked myself into the pit where all sorts of hard work can be found. I soaked myself into a situation where I knew I will still be reprimanded comes the next shift even if the boss knew I spent 15 hours worth of overtime. I placed myself into a situation where people will not like me.
… and guess what? Every time I look back, I’m happy to see how I’ve climbed mountaintops to mountaintops. Had I chosen to act or behave who I am not, perhaps, I would have still seen myself still at the foot of the hills – not mountains. Don’t get me out of context. Mingle with people. Mingle with those people whose views oppose yours. Speak with the chain-smokers even if you don’t smoke. But don’t let yourself do things you aren’t simply because that’s what they have been doing in unison.

I am committed to my belief that when I do my very best, I do it for myself.

Jaycee De Guzman

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