Are Filipinos Readers or Not?

Are Filipinos Readers or Not?

Is it a misconception or a fact that Filipinos are not readers?

I haven’t done a formal survey on this, but based on my observation, I think the majority of Filipinos are not readers.

My Observations:
1. Look at the comments of many netizens on the posts of the major news agencies in the Philippines. I don’t know if they were on free mobile data or they were too lazy to read the article. Some are posting questions that were already answered in the article or in the post itself.
2. I do email marketing. Often, the answers to the questions I’m receiving are already in the email itself.
3. I checked random FB Groups prior to writing this post. I saw 3 comments complaining about the lengthy yet meaty post of other bloggers. The complainers were even “demanding” to have someone summarize the post for them.

Folks, it’s useless for me to say, “learn how to read”. You already know. You just need to put it into practice so it becomes a habit.

You can find new business ideas through reading. Don’t waste the power of your smartphones. Don’t waste your eyesight.

I operate a content writing firm. Reading is like breathing for me already. Did you know that I still read when I’m off of work? Was it already a comfortable thing to do in the beginning? It wasn’t. Who would want to take a rest by reading again when his business is about writing and reading? But I have kept on doing it everyday. Until one day, it became my second nature. What was once a “hate” is now¬†a “habit”.

Mga kabataan, magbasa kayo. Kung gusto ninyong maging mahusay at maalam, hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon may ibang mata ang pwedeng magbasa para sa inyo. Wag puro skim lang ng mga image. Magbasa rin kayo ng mga textual content. Hindi tama kung daliri lang ang kinakalyo sa pagbabrowse. Dapat nagkakakalyo o nagagasgasan rin ang utak.

Jaycee De Guzman

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