Are You Still in the Stage of Sharing Someone Else’s Inspirational Stories?


All of us can start sharing inspirational and motivational thoughts of other people, but we must better ourselves as we do that. One day, we should be sharing our own inspirational and motivational stories. The next generation should be able to get something inspirational from our generation.

Make it one of your life’s mission that 10 to 20 years from now, your full name is suffixed at the end of some quotes. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Tony Tan Caktiong and other famous names never signed a contract to monopolize the duty of inspiring this generation and the next.

Don’t end up as someone who only likes, shares, and re-tweets someone else’s quotable stories and thoughts. Aim for that day when your own bright and motivational thoughts are the ones being liked, shared, and re-tweeted on social media.

There’s already plenty of likers, sharers, and re-tweeters on social media. They don’t need new members. The scarcity is in the number of people whose outlook in life and life itself is worth liking, sharing, and re-tweeting. That’s where you need to shift your stance. It’s time to jump into a new bowl.

Are you still sharing someone else’s inspirational life story? When will you decide to share your own life stories?

Are You Still in the Stage of Sharing Someone Else's Inspirational Stories?


Jaycee De Guzman

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