Do Not Resign from Your Job Until You Read This


When I was still working for a BPO company, a team member of mine wanted to resign. He submitted his resignation letter.

I read his resignation letter and called him to my table. I told him this, “According to this letter, according to you, you’re resigning because you want to find a greener pasture. Ain’t that a complete story? Let me tell you two stories which you can use as references for you to complete the story in your resignation letter.”

Story 1

My neighbor has bermuda grass and his grass looks greener than mine. Do you know why? I don’t have bermuda grass in my own yard that’s why his grass looks greener to my eyes. I don’t have anything to compare with, so the green thing in his yard became outstanding to my sight.

Story 2

I don’t have bermuda grass but I have plants in pots. My other neighbor has the same kind of plant in pots. One day, I passed in front of their house and noticed that his plants have grown taller and greener than mine. So I asked myself, “I know we had the exact same plants in the exact same week, but why do his plants look healthier than mine?” I realized his family waters the plants everyday. I water mine once a week.

After telling that story, I went back to him. I said, “I won’t tell you to revise your resignation letter and submit it to me tomorrow. Let me help you save some time so let me just ask you impromptu. Before you entered this yard, this company, did you bring a “plant or grass” with you? If so, how do you water your plant in this company? You are looking for a greener pasture. Is it because you don’t have grass in your own yard to compare with others or you are not just watering and taking good care of your bermuda grass that’s why someone else’s yard looks greener than yours?

And that was the last time I spoke with that good man about resignation. Month after month, he kept bagging awards in our department.

Friends, you’re not a grasshopper created to jump from one yard to another. You can make the grass in your own yard as green as it can be. You have the power to bloom where you are planted.

Jaycee De Guzman

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