Does God Really Exist?


One day, I was having a small-talk with one of my clients from Germany. Like me, he runs a digital marketing business. We are friends. He is an atheist. I am Catholic.

To my surprise, he told me this, “Jaycee, your God does not exist.”

I replied, “What made you say that?”

“Look around. Don’t you see calamities, corruption, war, and poverty? You said God is good. If a good God really exists, what do bad things happen?

My atheist friend loves an argumentative discussion. I knew where he wanted to take the discussion so I paused for 5 minutes.

Then, I replied back, “Your web design business does not exist.”

To his surprise, he asked, “Bro, what made you say that?”

“Look around you. How many businesses still do not have a decent website? A lot, right? So, your web design business does not exist,” I answered.

“Jaycee, you’re nuts! They do not come to me that’s why they don’t have a website,” he quickly replied.

“You are right,” I replied. “God exists. We just don’t come to Him. He speaks. We don’t listen. He calls. We don’t respond. He raises His one hand to give us a hi-5. We only raise our middle finger. He emails us. We mark it as spam. He rings us. We block His number.”

My client, who’s also my friend, said, “Okay, let’s change topic. How’s your business?”

Jaycee De Guzman

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