Give Up Your Pride. Lift Up Your Praise To God.

Give Up Your Pride. Lift Up Your Praise To God.

Pride is a joy killer.
Pride is a  success stopper.
Pride is a happiness destroyer.

When I failed to close a deal in my business, 80 percent of the time it was because of pride.
I stumbled.
I looked back. Then, I saw Mr. Pride waving at me. (No! I’m not promoting a detergent!)

Let me tell you an ancient story as a proof that pride will always lead you to failure.

When I was about 15 or 16, I was selling cigarettes, watermelon, beverages and anything and everything my grotesque body structure could carry.
Boy, I didn’t even care if I was already wobbling when I walked because of a heavy box on my left hand and a big pail containing cold bottled beverages on the right hand.
You know where I was a vendor?
In a cockpit arena.

When there were no classes on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you would find me at the cockpit arena, shouting “Sigarilyo, candy, buko juice!”
No! I wasn’t really shouting what I was selling.
I didn’t have the gall to do that because I believe I was the oldest among all vendors.
I was ashamed to shout with the voice of a man with a big Adam’s apple.

Anyway, one sunny afternoon, I was happy selling my stuff, walking around the four corners of the arena, gazing to the people, hoping they would call me like a dog to buy a stick of cigarette.
No, actually, they didn’t buy.
They would just get a stick only to be told, “Chase after me after the game.”
And so, there I was, chasing these creditors after every cock fight as if they were the owners of Marlboro, Philip Morris, Winston, Champion and Hope.

I was happily walking around the corners of the cockpit arena until I saw a schoolmate from the farthest corner of the arena.
A four-cornered arena immediately morphed into a three-cornered arena.
Oh boy, pity me! If I was already so shy in proclaiming to the world that I was only a cigarette vendor, what more if I were to pass by a schoolmate, with his eyes that seemed to talk to me in silence,
[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]Aha, sigarilyo vendor lang pala itong matalinong matsing na’to.[/quote] Translation: “Aha, who would have thought that this intelligent monkey is only a cigarette vendor?”

An hour ago, I was gazing at prospective buyers of my stuff.
For five straight hours, I was only walking around the three remaining corners of the arena.
I was busy looking at my schoolmate if he was looking at me, too.
When a man called me to buy a coke, the first person whom I would look into was that schoolmate.
From the corner of my eye, I would trace if he was looking at me at how I would hand over a bottle of coke to the man.

I already forgot that I needed to sell my items or I would not have a pocket money in school tomorrow.
Five hours had passed, my packs of cigarettes were still tightly sealed.
The ice cubes in my pail melted.

You know what did I feel at that very moment?
I felt I was tremendously and poorly humiliated.

Today, when I review that in my mind, I realized I wasn’t humiliated at all.
It was only my experimental mind who was humiliating myself.
I wasn’t humiliated by others. I was humiliating myself.
I only acted with pride.
I was afraid that that schoolmate would broadcast to the whole campus that he saw me selling cigarettes.
I was afraid that they would no longer call me by my name, but by an insulting pseudo name they themselves created for me.
True enough, the very next day, my beautiful name “Jaycee” became a compound word “Garilyo, Garilyo”.
Well, I just thought that, at least, my classmates who didn’t understand why my bullies were calling me “Garilyo” would only think that “Garilyo” was my childhood nickname and those bullies were my childhood friends (weeeeh! I’d like to vomit! Phew!).

Everytime I go to the cockpit arena to sell my stuff, it became my default to look for schoolmates who might be watching cock fights with their father.
I was no longer selling.
I was just on the look out if someone was watching me.
That lasted for a few weeks until I realized I was not earning anymore because selling wasn’t my focus.

When I prioritized the opinion of others and what they would think about me, that was pride.
When I let others describe me like a product on Amazon, ClickBank and eBay, that was pride.

I forgot that there are only two important opinions I should be in mind of.
1. My opinion about myself.
2. God’s opinion about me.

I forgot that God has already described me even before my existence.
Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”
Believe you me, nothing can be clearer than that!
I am wonderful!Woo-wooo-wondeful!

Today, I invite people to our house.
Will they talk nasty things about our house when we’re not with them?
I don’t know. I don’t care if they will tell others that our house wasn’t painted enough in accordance to their preference.
But this I know: I will love people!
I have given up pride.

Today, when we pick our son’s report card and he’s not the number one pupil in their class, I just smile and tell my boy, “Good job! You’re awesome! You’re a genius. I know you will hit a notch higher next month. I believe in you, Carlo!”
Do I panic just because he does not have the highest grade?
I will answer this question with another question: “Why would I?”
Parents who panic just because their son does not hit a higher grade compared to others are not really worried about their son’s and daughter’s sake.
They are only worried at what other people will tell about the kind of parenting they are giving to their son or daughter. They are not worried about other’s feedback to their son or daughter but to themselves.
I have given up pride.

Pride is one of the toxins in life.
You don’t believe me? Okay, now do this.
Buy a pack of Pride (okay, I’m advertising this detergent now!). Eat a spoonful of it.
Now what do you get? Bubbles in your mouth? Of course, it’s a toxin for your body.

Friends, I’d like to talk to you.
You are more than what you and others think about yourself.
[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″] Give up your pride.
Lift up your praise to God.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made![/quote]

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