How Can I Say Life Is Wonderful?


Is this man having difficulty or he’s just deliberately making his life¬†look difficult? Don’t let your eyes fool you. He’s just lying on the pavement while grabbing that brick near the pothole.

easy or making it difficult

Why don’t you try to inhale and not to exhale even for just 10 minutes? Just keep on inhaling as much as you want but do not exhale. When you deliberately make your life difficult, it’ll be difficult.

If you have emphysema, you don’t need to do what I mentioned above. I understand if you are having a bad day because you’re having difficulty in breathing.

Life is tough. Life is difficult regardless if you are rich or poor.
Life can be stressful. I get stressed, too.

There’s one room in the house where I work. When I work, I move my table around. But every time I move, I only have one working position: facing a white wall. One of the corners is my favorite spot. After all, the power outlet is there.

I did one thing. Instead of facing a white wall on that favorite spot, I hang an icon of Jesus on the cross.

I am Catholic. No, I don’t worship the icon but the unseen God that it represents. I don’t pray to the wood. I have a 4-foot family picture in my house, not counting the many little picture frames. When I see our family picture, when I see those little frames of captured happy memories, my mind brings the joy of the past to the present time. Sometimes, I even smile or laugh on my own when I remember those memories. Then, I hear my wife, “Jaycee, I know you’re weird, but not to the point of smiling or laughing on your own.”

When I see an icon of Jesus, Virgin Mary, or the Saints, my mind reminds me of their goodness. The icons remind me that there is hope to be good and become loving person in all circumstances.

Going back, when I’m stressed, I face the wall and see Jesus on the cross as though Jesus is telling¬†me, “Jaycee, look at Me. Is there anything else more difficult than this? How could you forget that I did not stay on this cross? Don’t you realize that My Resurrection Power lives in you? Life may be difficult but I already overcame it – and I am with you.”

Life is difficult wonderful.

Jaycee De Guzman

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