How to Sound Confident and Certain When You Write or Talk?

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I was a computer security engineer.
During that period, I loved teaching fellow engineers about the fundamentals of computer security, manual malware removal, and, sometimes, the language of a computer (machine language). Some of my bosses asked me how did I manage to talk about highly-technical stuff, for at least 8 hours, without notes and books, but only with a whiteboard marker. Normally, the technicality of the nature of my previous work could only be enjoyed (to the truest sense of the word) by those who wear thick eyeglasses and suspenders. To their eyes, I was brilliant and intellectual. The truth of the matter is, maybe I’m nowhere near those two adjectives.
I couldn’t think of a simpler answer than this: I only do what I love to do and do what I know, and I do it like it’s my last chance to show what I got.
When I’m invited to speak, I only talk about the things I know and the things I care about. Because that’s what I do, I sound confident and certain.
One of my co-workers back then told me in vernacular, “Jaycee, ke mag-email ka or magsalita ka in person, parang parehas lang yung impact. Parang nai-imagine ko ang bibig mo sa harapan ko kapag binabasa ko ang email mo pare.” When he said that, I was waiting for him to laugh, but man, he was dead serious.
Why? Again, because I only talk and write about the things that I know and care about.

Here’s one interesting resource I have for you, which, I’m sure, you’ll enjoy. Here’s how to sound smart in your TEDx Talk.

What are the things you know and care about? Have you ever tried writing or speaking about them? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.
Jaycee De Guzman

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