I Am a Self-proclaimed Catalyst for Change

I Am a Self-proclaimed Catalyst for Change

My Facebook account’s news feed is strictly filtered. But that one video post of an extra-judicial killing made it through my news feed.

I support change, but I condemn extra-judicial killing. God has given us the authority to manage all things on earth, but He also gave us 10 non-negotiables. One of which says, “You shall not kill.” It’s a non-negotiable. We can’t bargain for that.

I have no alternative solution for an immediate eradication of drug-related issues in this country, but extra-judicial killing does not look right. What if an innocent person was wrongly hit? No amount of apology can bring back the innocent life that was wrongfully taken away.

I still believe that whoever is the author of this extra-judicial killing is not a bad person. He or she is a good person who have gone tired of waiting for the fruits of a diplomatic labor. I understand that there are times a diplomatic approach does not yield immediate results. We see this in our daily lives. Haven’t you heard of stories of people who realized their sins when they were already lying on their deathbed?

The good intention is present. But we, all of us, citizens of the Philippines, struggle in getting a good balance between seeing immediate results and humane executions. We badly need God’s intervention.

We need to help our incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. He needs us. Over 100 million people will be under his care. It’s a tough job. Eh yung maghandle ka nga lang ng 1 dozen na tao, gusto mo ng isauli sa nanay nya yung pasaway na isa, yun pa kayang 100 million na tao.

The immediate contribution I can give to support the campaign for a change is to strive to become not just a good but a better person towards the people I often deal with – my family, my employees, my clients. And that should begin at home. Hopefully, hopefully, through my examples, I can influence others to do the same.

Jaycee De Guzman

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