I Harvested What I Planted 11 Years Ago


In 2001, I bet my life that I will give no space for failure in my academics. I joined all academic and social competitions (except singing and pageants for men because I was asleep when God poured in blessings for good voice and extraordinary looks). It was my personal choice not to be a Summa or a Magna Cum Laude. I was forewarned by my Academic Head that if I continue joining all academic competitions and leading almost all organizations, I may not go home with the Summa or Magna Cum Laude’s medallion. I told my Academic Head straight to the eye that I’d prefer going home without that medallion if it’ll prevent me from getting that self-satisfaction and fulfillment every time I win a competition and lead an organization.

Oh yes, it’s okay! It’s okay. So the graduation day came and some thoughts entered my mind, “Shoot, I am supposed to go up to this stage and deliver the best ever speech of all graduates of STI since its inception in 1983.” At that very moment, going up and down the stage for five times was not enough (I received multiple awards). I had this greedy feeling of bagging all awards my school can give.

But the good side of me took over.

Subconsciously, I was not alright.

Consciously, my conscience told me, “Jaycee, you have planted good seeds. You will harvest the grandest fruit of all not now but one day.”

Some 11 years later, my wife, Gerlie, took a short course in Information Technology (IT) under the guidance of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). She does not need to study another course nor work to get a good life that most of us would dream of. Cooking good meals and staying at home with me and our son are her day-to-day patterns. Her wanting to try something new pushed her to take a short course. I did not pressure her to get a medal when she graduates, but just like me, she decided to do her absolute best in whatever she does.

This December 2012, I was belittled! I was! Some 11 years ago, I was the one being applauded. But at that very same day, I was her photographer because she delivered her graduation speech. My gosh!  

Gerlie's Graduation Day

But then I realized one thing.

Do not expect to harvest sweet mangoes if you just started planting today. When will you harvest? Some 8 to 10 years later!

My wife knew my story. She knows how I struggled in college and in life. She knows my aspirations, dreams and wants. Because I tell her my story with conviction and emotion, I believe she inculcated in her heart and in her mind my burning desire to go up onto the stage for my Summa Cum Laude medallion.

Husbands will agree. The wives have the tendency to think, “I can do better than my husband.”

My wife didn’t fail me. She let me harvest what I planted some 11 years ago.

Friends, what you plant now, you will harvest later. The law of the world is so simple. Garbage in, garbage out. Plant a mango, you’ll harvest a mango. However, there are cases wherein you won’t harvest what you planted. But it’s okay. Someone will harvest for you.

John 4:38 said, “I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

Friends, continue planting good seeds in your life and to your loved ones’ lives.

  • Continue to plant love in the hearts and minds of your children. When you grow old, you can chisel it on the stone, they will love you back. Perhaps, even more than the love you let them feel when they were a child.
  • Continue to plant care, love and honesty to your spouse. When you grow old, it will be very lovely to look back at your past while you hold each others hand.
  • Continue to plant honesty in your business. As your business grows, you’ll feel true fulfillment and self-satisfaction.
  • Continue to plant loyalty with the company you work for. One day, your boss will see your sparkling light and will place you on his position. Remember, all bosses only find themselves “promotable” if they are replaceable.
  • Continue to plant faith in God. Our Lord Jesus Christ has already let you harvest even before you planted good seeds. Don’t be thrifty in giving your time to the Lord for His people. He has already given your wants and needs even before you return the favor to Him.

Friends, do not lose hope if you do not see the fruits of your labor right now. There is a divine reason why the Lord is reserving the day when you will go up the stage and He will award your medallion. The Lord keeps His promises.

Jaycee De Guzman


  1. “planting good seeds in life”… you’re such an inspiration jaycee. I pray that i will learn to sincerely plant good seeds today without expecting much in return in the future. regards

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