I Have My Own World


“Jaycee, you have your own world, you know.”

“Yes, I am Jupiter. It’s been a while since the last time I saw you. Where have you been all these years? Are you Pluto?”

It’s easy to answer a sarcasm with another sarcasm, but that is the time when you need to remind yourself to draw the line on the sand and choose the high road.

Let me tell you more about this.

We are placed in a single world that can act and react differently according to our expectations.

That’s why when someone told me “You have your own world”, I impulsively responded “How did you know that?”

I enthusiastically replied back but it landed insultingly to the ears of the person who told me that because that person’s intention and invitation for me to react indifferently was rejected. The person’s intention was for me to feel sorry about myself because my “1+1” is equal to “10” and everyone else’s “1+1” is equal to “2”; that my way of thinking is not in unison with what has been happening since time immemorial.

Let me drive my point straight to the garage.

Place 3 positive people and 3 negative people in the exact same situation, the 3 positive people will be as positive as they can be and the 3 negative people will be as negative as they already are.

Find people whose worlds evolve and revolve around the sun the exact same way your world evolves and revolves around the sun. You may not be able to stop seeing those planets who mocked you, but that’s normal just as how the planets in the solar system draw closer to another planet depending on the location of their axis. But you got to set your minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID).

I didn’t invent that term. Wikipedia defines MOID as “a measure used in astronomy to assess potential close approaches and collision risks between astronomical objects”.

The same is true with animals.

If the idiom “majority wins” is true, never hang out with 10 chickens if you’re the only eagle in the group.
Chickens fly.
Eagles soar.

If your situation can’t make you avoid these chickens (like if they’re co-workers or family members), still deal with them but don’t eat the chicken feed with them. Love them from a distance and set your MOID.

You are bound to rise higher, grow stronger, think smarter, and succeed further.

Jaycee De Guzman

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