I Invite You to Attend the Grand Easter Feast 2014

My Personal Invitation to Attend the Grand Easter Feast 2014

I started listening to the talks of Bro. Bo Sanchez in 2010.
During that time, I was still working as a team manager in a call center.
One day, I was writing and lay-outing my PowerPoint presentation for our team building (PowerPoint presentation for a team building? Why not just  focus on swimming, relaxing and enjoying? Er, what’s my answer to that? Simple. I’m crazy and weird. Crazy and weird enough to see that my team was physically stretched, but needed to be mentally-empowered. But that’s another story.)
In my research, I discovered Bro. Bo’s talks on YouTube (from Valle Verde to PICC).

I used the stories and teachings of Mr. Preacher in Blue Jeans whenever I coach my team.
Most of the lessons I learned from Bro. Bo Sanchez were utilized and maximized.
When one was not acting in accordance to his age (haha), demotivated because of family issues, not feeling well because of a sick dog or simply sleepy, I speak to that agent and share some stories to lift up his spirit.
It came to the point that a few of my fellow Team Managers and peers from the other departments were listening to my stories (actually, Bro. Bo’s stories). So we swapped stories and techniques on how we coach our agents.

To cut the long story short, I decided to attend one of the sessions of The Feast in PICC, together with my wife and son.
We first attended the Kerygma Conference 2012 in SM MOA Arena and SMX Convention Center.
I was electrified, body and soul, by the overwhelming spirit of joy, hope, courage, passion and mercy while walking and looking for seats. I was like, “Man, day and night, the aircon is switched on at home, but they must be using a different kind of aircon with this kind of spiritually and emotionally uplifting ambiance.”
That day marked the first day of my journey to a new Jaycee De Guzman.
I saw myself where I was and where I could become.
It dawned on me that my future is brighter than my past.

When there’s an opportunity and when there’s a way to create that opportunity, I make sure that my family goes to The Feast in PICC every Sunday and all major events in the community. Sometimes, we tag our close friends along.

This year, we will celebrate and commemorate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.
I personally invite you to be there at the Grand Easter Feast 2014 at the SM MOA Arena on April 20, 2014 from 8AM to 1PM, Sunday. Admission is FREE.

The first time my wife and I attended this, I thought we were the ones who traveled the farthest (from Tarlac to Pasay City) until we heard our seatmates that they came all the way from Singapore.

At first, I also thought that the Light of Jesus Family (name of the community founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez) was for Catholics only.
I was wrong.
The Light of Jesus Family is for the un-churched and forgiven like me.
Today, I don’t get surprised anymore if my seatmate belongs to another religious community or sect.
I go to The Feast because people there don’t laugh AT me. They laugh WITH me.
I go to The Feast because I can connect with the life-based teachings of the preachers, in alignment to what’s in the Scriptures.
Perhaps, you wonder why I choose to drive for 140 kilometers going to The Feast over the half-kilometer walk in our nearby Church.

I’ll give you my three best answers.

1. At The Feast, I am not ashamed to raise my hands and proclaim my faith like never before. In Church, I would get an awkward feeling and look if I did that. Aside from the priest and old ladies, who else raises their hands in Church Do you feel me, fellow Catholics?

2. At the Feast, I get the chance to know the people who sit beside me, in front of me and the ones at my back, especially when the preacher says, “Punch your seatmate to the shoulder and say, ‘You’re blessed. You’re awesome. You’re wonderful.'” In Church, I only get to see who’s sitting around me when it’s time to say, “Peace be with you.” Sometimes, I don’t even understand if the person murmured “Fist be with you” or “Fish be with you”. By nature, people know what’s good and what’s better, but they need a worship leader to initiate action. At The Feast, the preachers know that first-time attendees, and even the old-timers, may not take the time to greet each other. So they initiate action by saying “Punch your seatmate in the ribs until he faints, then, say, ‘Be healed’.” (haha)

3. At The Feast, you can get lost when you worship. Jump on your feet. Punch your arms in the air. Cry a pail of tears. Do all these and you won’t even see anyone’s face looking at you, puzzled whether you didn’t take your medicine or the medicine has zero effect on you anymore. In fact, if the first-time attendees see you doing that, you’ll see their face timidly wanting to cry. They’re being carried away. Almost everyone gets lost when we worship God at The Feast. Some people at the front seats were facing the stage before they closed their eyes and got lost in worship. When they opened their eyes, they were already facing the people, completing a 180-degree turn.

I am not saying it’s wrong to go and worship God in churches. In fact, that’s good. Continue doing that.
But if you’re looking for a new level of expressing your faith, come to The Feast.
If you’re looking for people who understand you, whatever you’re going through, come to The Feast.

Friends, again, let me invite you to join me at the Grand Easter Feast 2014 in SM MOA Arena, Pasay City on April 20, 2014, Sunday, from 8AM up to 1PM. Please come in early. We’re expecting no less than 20,000 people expecting to be blessed immensely by the love and mercy of God.

Here’s a short video of the Grand Easter Feast 2013.

Jaycee De Guzman

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