I’ve Found Another Reason to Relax Amidst Problems


My wife, son and I were exercising 3 hours ago.
After a whole-track straight run, all I wanted was oxygen.
At that very moment, give me one thousand peso bill, I may not even notice it. All I cared about was oxygen.
Then, I realized something.

In life, we face lots of problems: financial, health, educational, relational, emotional, spiritual, and anything that ends with “al” (ha,ha).

When I was catching my breath, I realized my problems didn’t go.
They were still there. They’re still here for crying out loud!
But all I wanted was to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
That reminded me how life can overpower and outperform any problem.
Oxygen is a life-giving element.
Amidst my problems, all I ever wanted at that moment was “life”.

Friend, I know you have problems right now (if you don’t have, you’re a walking dead).
I want you to still face those problems and pray for a God-solution.
But, while you’re waiting and acting, I want you to be deliriously happy for the fact that you’re alive. Life is more important than your problems.

Let me prove my claim.

Find a tracking field. An oval.
Run that whole round at full speed.
Don’t dare to stop.
Oh no, don’t even slow down.
Once you reach the finish line, I bet, the first thing you will ask is water,  and all you will want to do is to suck in air like a vacuum cleaner.
You won’t even ask your companion for a solution on how you’re going to pay your debt at that moment because all you want is oxygen for your struggling lungs.

Friend, you are alive. Do not give up on your problems.
The fact that you’re alive is more than enough to dethrone whatever problem you have in your life.

I have a friend whom I believe.
He told me that everything works for good to those who love God. Oh yes, He said “everything”.
He told me that I can do everything and anything through Christ who strengthens me.
I’d like to introduce you to my friend.
His name is Jesus.

I must tell you this: Death is more difficult than debt. Do you agree?

Jesus dethroned death.
He lives in you.
If you know that the power to dethrone death is in you, is there anything else that makes you worried?

Go get your pillow and hug it tight tonight.
Sleep well.
As sure as the sunrise, the solution to your problem is coming!
Jesus has already gone before you!
Jesus has already called the right people that you need in your life.
He has already prepared a party for your victory!

Have a good night, champion!

Jaycee De Guzman

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